Thursday, February 21, 2008

New reviews added to the DSLR Review Matrix

We have finally updated the DSLR Review Matrix with lots and lots of new reviews posted in the last couple of weeks! Woohoo! So we are finally up to date with all the major reviews. If we missed any of your favorite reviews or review sites, just let us know!

Updates to the DSLR Review Matrix
The following DSLRs were added to the DSLR Review Matrix:
* Nikon D60
* Pentax K20D
* Samsung GX20
* Sony A350

The following DSLRs received new reviews that were added to the DSLR Review Matrix:
* Canon 1Ds Mark III
* Nikon D3 and D300
* Olympus E3 and E510
* Panasonic L10
* Sony A200

If you like reviews, be sure to also check our power compacts review matrix. Power compacts are cameras like the Canon G9, Ricoh GX100, GRD, Panasonic LX2, etc. And coming in the next couple of days, the superzoom review matrix. We are running a couple of days behind schedule as you can see.

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