Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New segment: Networking Tuesdays!

We were inspired by the daily themes at Digital Pro Talk, so we are starting a new segment, the Networking Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday we will be posting something of networking or interactive nature! Today's episode features Web 2.0!

Do you have any favorite websites or blogs, or specific articles or essays or resource pages that are not getting the attention they deserve? Let us know and we will promote them in the Web 2.0 "webosphere"! They can be your own content or your favorite content from other bloggers and photographers. They can be new or old websites. The focus on "undiscovered" sites - after all almost everybody knows about Dpreview and Imaging Resource and such.

You can submit them in the comments section or send us an email. The email address is "decorated" to prevent harvesting bots from grabbing it: [1001noisycameras] ]]at[[ ***gmail*** DOT __COM__.

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