Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Sigma DP1 samples from Japan

Sigma Japan has posted official samples from the lovely Sigma DP1. Details in this dpreview forum discussion. And we are not talking about one or two sample pictures. Sigma has gone all out with 37 official sample pictures! with full size JPEGs available.

For more extensive discussions be sure to check the Sigma Talk forum at dpreview. Of the various threads, be sure to check the discussion on the glued lens titled awesome lens. Meanwhile the Foveon bulls are storming the forum, is the DP1 better than the Canon 5D? Keep in mind the Canon 5D costs $2100 body only, while the Sigma DP1 costs $800 with the glued-in lens included. What do you think? We blog, you decide!

For continued coverage of the Sigma DP1 and to have your input in the design of an upcoming shootout be sure to visit and bookmark AminFoto.

Also, be sure to check our previous post covering the first Sigma DP1 review.


mrsfixit said...

Nice samples, but nothing over ISO 100...

Any camera can take halfway decent pictures at that speed.

So far I am not terribly impressed.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Maybe they are planning to milk it, week #1: ISO 100, week #2: ISO 200, etc, going all the way to its actual release date :)

Although given Sigma's past history, they may have to go to ISO 256,000,000 ;-)