Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nikon D300 in-stock status availability update

Since the D3/D300 dynamic duo has generated so much buzz, we'll take a snapshot at the current availability status of the Nikon D300. We already took a quick look at the in-stock status of the D3 and discovered it was a moving target. Thankfully D300 supply has beefed u, so it's nowhere near as hard to find as the lovely Nikon D3.

To make it easier to peruse, we will present it in table format! Please let us konw if you like this format or if you prefer sequential text instead.

Nikon D300 In-Stock Status
ConfigurationAvailable In-StockOut of Stock
D300 body onlyJ&R World ($1800)
Adorama ($1800)
Amazon ($1800)
B&H Photo ($1800)
Calumet Photo
eBay ($1780)
D300 with 18-135 DXAdorama ($2032)
Amazon (Cameta at $2030, Amazon itself $2050)
Calumet Photo
J&R World ($2100)
B&H Photo ($2100)
D300 with 18-200 DX VR AF-SB&H Photo ($2450)
Amazon ($2450)
Adorama ($2450)
J&R World ($2540)
D300 with 70-300 VRB&H Photo ($2130)
Calumet Photo
Adorama ($2133)
D300 with 18-200 DX VR and 70-300 DX VRAdorama ($2808)
D300 special bundleCameta ($2760) - includes 18-200 DX VR, MB-D10 grip, 4gb Lexar CF, extra EN-EL3e, bag and more

For a list of reviews and previews of the Nikon D300 (and other DSLRs too), be sure to visit our DSLR Review Matrix.

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