Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nikonians offering free trial membership at the silver level

There's an old school saying that says "if it's free, I'll take three". Well, one is enough in this case: Nikonians, the website catering to fans of all things Nikon, is offering a free trial to its silver tier membership. Basic membership is free, but has limited features. Silver membership has a $25 membership fee, but offers a lot more features.

And if you like all things Nikon, be sure to check our coverage of Nikon, by checking all our posts with the Nikon tag, 48 posts as of right now. If you want to see more specific posts, be sure to check our coverage of the Nikon D3 and D300 Beatle-mania (30 posts). Of course that's not all our Nikon coverage, those are just the Nikon-focused posts. We have plenty more Nikon coverage ici.

We also try to post updates when we notice the Nikon D3 is in-stock. Some could argue you are more likely to see Big Foot or full-blown Aliens than find the D3 in-stock and ready to ship. It was quite interesting that OneCall had it in stock but that only lasted 30 minutes before it sold out. Since then, J&R World sold out as well. Currently it is available at Amazon, but as of right now it has a $500 premium, selling at $5500 by Cameta Cameras. Only one left as of the time of writing.

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