Friday, February 1, 2008

Nine new GE digital cameras!

GE has their second wave of shiny silvers introduced, a total of nine new digital cameras. Most of them had already been announced or leaked in the UK, see our previous post.

The General Imaging page has a nice pictorial representation of their line-up, showing the old and new cameras, and how they fit into their line-up. Some skeptics would say the nice ends there ;-)

The GE site also has technical specs of most of their new cameras. The GE lineup is summarized at Crunchgear and detailed at Ubergizmo.

dpreview spotlights one of them, the GE E1050, which, surprise-surprise, jumps to the new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. It is becoming evident, that there was a marketing desire to move to the smaller sensor (ultra)compacts to double digit megapixels for marketing purposes. Why do we have to deal with this form of idiocracy"? Why, oh, why? But that's for another story and another time!

Oops, we were supposed to be talking about the E1050. It has a 10mp sensor, 5x optical zoom that starts at 28mm, no stabilization, 3" touchscreen LCD, LiIon battery, and the usual assortment of features of this segment. The price is $250.

The most interesting perhaps of the nine, is the super-zoom GE X3. It also uses the new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, with a 12X IS zoom lens, 2.7" LCD, face detection, smile detection, blink detection and fart detection ;-) It is powered by AA batteries, so you can put your Eneloops to good use if you are given this camera as a gift or win it in a competition. This is the only camera-shy camera, as GE does not have a picture of it.

But if you like megapixels by the pound, take a look at the E1235, with a 12mp sensor, 3x optical zoom, no stabilization, 2.7" LCD, face detection, LiIon, and such. Similarly spec'ed but with a 10mp sensor is the E1035.

There's also the E840s, with an 8mp sensor and 4x optical zoom lens. We won't spoil the specs, check the PDF file on the GE site for those :)

Their ultracompact line-up includes the GE G2 and GE G3, which may remind some a bit of the folded optics Nikon Coolpixies.

Their entry-level A-series (it's no Canon A-series) has two new models, the A735 and A835.

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