Thursday, February 28, 2008

Noisy Agenda: Coming up later today

We actually have a plan for the day for a change! Today we will be posting a new edition of the Photography Soup. It's been a week since we had one, and today's edition grew so long that we had to break it in three pieces, one will be photography-priority, the other equipment-priority, and one will be dollars and sense. Oh my!

Then we will add a new set of reviews to the Super Zoom Review Matrix. Which camera will be added today? You have to wait to find out :) Not because we are trying to create suspense, but because we haven't decided yet :)

Also coming later today, a round-up of the latest stories at the Imaging Insider.

And *fingers-crossed* we may have the first post in our new and on-going soap-opera, the "Camera Charts". More details when it is launched. Here is a sneak preview.

And of course we will have a new installment of the Noisy Shopper. If you missed any of the previous episodes, here they are!

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