Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Noisy at Night: Canon 1D Mark III Autofocus Update by Rob Galbraith & other tidbits

Noisy at Night is a lightweight post we are trying, picking up on news and tidbits we may have missed during the day.

And here is one: Rob Galbraith has a new update on the Canon 1D Mark III autofocus issues. Read on to find out what they found out and see their on-going analysis.

Meanwhile continuing with the Sigma DP1 theme, ShoulderButton is pointing to a Korean Magazine review of the Sigma DP1.

Endless Years has picked up a Pop Photo story, rounding up the new lenses of 2008.

We served early breakfast to Pentax and Nikon users, more specifically pancakes. And if you don't have a plate, you can always serve your pancakes on the ultra-thin Lenovo X300 ;-)

And a late night PSA: Recycle your rechargeable batteries! Details at rbrc.org.

Update March 10, 2008: The Canon 1D Mark III now drops to $4040 at Amazon.

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