Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Noisy at Night: Shopping under the stars

We have two limited time Dell specials! $40 off - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07T Chocolate Brown 7.2 MP 3.6X Zoom Digital Still Camera Coupon code: 3VQ?GLWZ09JZC0. This brings the price of this tasty chocolate down to $195 after discounts and coupons and such.

The second one is $40 off - Canon PowerShot A720 IS 8.0 MP 6X Zoom Digital Camera Coupon code: $CFT5R?NSM7Q3R. After coupons and discounts are factored in, the price goes down to $195.

Both of the coupons are limited time offers. They expire once an X number of them are used.

And now something that is not as effemeral ephemeral, but it keeps on giving! Membership in ASMP! What is that you ask? Check this post at the Photo Business Forum blog for all the details!

Recap of Noisy Shopper
Earlier today we noticed that the Pentax K20D is now shipping. Also, there's a special Olympus E3 deal at Cameta, and we posted 16 shopping ideas at the 2nd edition of the Noisy Shopper table.

Feedback segment
What do you think of the "Noisy Shopper" feature so far? Interesting? Maybe? Not sure yet? Boring? Exciting? Lettuce know!


worst said...

ephemeral, people! good word that has one spelling only!

Anyway, I'm just waiting for the sx100IS to drop below $200.

I would also accept the gift of a DP1.

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL! Thanks for the correction! We finished last at Spielling Bee! :)

Yes, Sigma please put a brand new Sigma DP1 under the chair of all of our readers!

The "fun zooms" seem to have a price resistance point at $230 at the moment, but with so many of them, and new models coming out in the next few weeks, it will eventually get there.