Monday, February 25, 2008

The Noisy Situation Room

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Situation Room with your host, Volf Blidzor! Volf, you have the floor!

Volf: At this hour, there are mixed rections to the 14-megapixel Sony W300 announcement. Protesters are gathering outside the Sony Embassy in the capital of Dpreview. But the protests are peaceful. Protesters are singing the praises of the Sony R1, to remind Sony of the glory days. Our top field reporter, Cindy Corlwey is reporting from the field, Cindy?

Cindy: Yes, Volf, the reactions are mixed to the 14mp Sony W300 announcement. One group of users called it plain silly, while another group is calling for Sony to stop playing megapixel games and deliver a Sony R2 now! Back to you Volf.

Volf: Thanks Cindy, Cindy is a member of our best analytical team in the blogosphere. Meanwhile reactions to the new Sony H50 superzoom are more or less what was expected. The absence of RAW is surely a sore point, but something that was not unexpected. And now let's take a commercial break! We'll be back in two lines!

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Volf: And we are back! Now to our senior contributor, Jacques Kaffertie, with the KAffertie RAW files. Jacques?

Jacques: Thanks Volf. You know you are in trouble when you have to fire your CEO mid-stream. That's what happened to Leica. Not even two years after they hired their new CEO, the owners stepped it on take over. Is that a sign of mismanagement or what?

Volf: Thanks Jacques! Now to our financial analyst Dr Reece Sesssion. Dr?

Dr Reece Session: Thanks Volf! In today's market we have a bargain for value investors, the refurbished Nikon S1 is trading at the Adorama Stock Exchange for $90 per share. Meanwhile, the Canon G9 and Ricoh GX100 are now in a full-on price war as they are both trading at around $450. It's amazing what a competitive market can produce. And one more thing, the first review of the Sigma DP1 has also been generating some market buzz. Volf, back to you!

Volf: Thanks Dr Reece-Session. Before we go, we have to remind our readers of some of our recent headlines: The Panasonic Lumix FX500 is leaked through the internet grapevine. The FX500 is similar to the Panasonic FX100 but features a touch-screen and a longer 25-125mm lens. Meanwhile Sigma told Amateur Photographer UK that the Sigma SD15 DSLR is coming, probably at Photokina 2008. Not sure if that means announced, pre-announced, shown, or delivered. Sigma's timelines tend to get long-winded. Also, DC Resource has updated their camera database. Also, if you haven't visited the new baby-boomer site Endless Years, be sure to check our special on-assignment report Endless Years: the first two weeks. And we leave you with ...faux-tographic wisdom.

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