Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Noisy Update: Coming soon to a blog near you

With the waves and waves of new cameras of CES and PMA 2008 in the rear view mirror, we have more time to do some blog planning. So here is what is coming here at 1001 Noisy in the next few days! Please note this is not a contract :)

Tomorrow morning (Thursday) we will be posting a brand new jam-packed installment of the Photography Soup.

Coming later on, something of interest to fans and users of the Amazon Kindle digital book reader.

More reviews will be added in the DSLR Review Matrix, and a new review matrix will be launched featuring mid-range and advanced compact digital cameras.

Also coming this week, a new installment of the Inside the Imaging Insider series, where we highlight some of our favorite stories from the Imaging Insider.

This is only a sampling of what will be posted, there's some other stuff we don't want to jinx, and of course new news, rumors and reviews, which we have no timing control over.

And last but not least, if any of you digital camera manufacturers want to leak your new cameras through this blog, we can work it out :)

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