Thursday, February 14, 2008

Olympus E430 DSLR rumor or fake, review reactions, Foveonism, and lots more (forum digest)

We haven't done a dpreview forum digest in quite a while, so we now have a jam-packed edition with all sorts of discussions and debates. This will be updated frequently, so check early and often if you are reading live. Once the post is final, the live update note at the bottom will disappear :)

Has Olympus adapted the "It Came From Space" design style for DSLRs? Maybe so if the rumors of a new 12mp E430 DSLR are not fake. However, signs point to fake.

You may have heard the news that dpreview is hiring a DSLR reviewer. Well, you don't need to hire an executive search firm. The forum users have come up with some good recommendations among dpreview power users.

Foveon is not just a sensor, Foveon is not just a technology, Foveon is a movement! And they found a new believer.

A discussion on the best lens for birding. And a Noisy Tip: If you are birding, be sure you protect your lenses from bird droppings.

Meanwhile fellow blogger and Pentaxian VP Ned Bunnell gets interviewed, and the interview is analyzed by Pentaxians.

If love is not the answer, and if megapixels are not the answer, then what is the answer?

Photographers on the wrong end once again?

If you need any further evicence that men are pigs, check this thread ;-)

Photographic Blasphemy or not?
Is Ansel Adams overrated? We blog, you decide and debate! That thread is only at 107, so you have plenty of time to chime in! And if you want to investigate this further, consider the relatively new Ansel Adams (pictures) book which contains 400 of his photographs. 400 you ask? Why, I can take 400 pictures of my ruler in just 5 minutes in burst mode. Well, at the time of Ansel Adams, 400 photographs were really 400 photographs, not 400 files stored on a memory card :)

It wouldn't be a forum round-up without a full-frame discussion
This one from the world of Pentax. To full-frame or not to full-frame, that is the question!

And what about ultra-wide angle at 35mm full frame? Is it really horrible? How horrible? Is it ...widely considered horrible, or are those views ...distorted? ;-)

Advice for someone wishing to be a paparazzo. My advice? Go to to the next option :)

Is the Digital Rebel a professional camera? Can you be a rebel and a professional at the same time? Can you be a rebel and a billionaire at the same time?

Review Reactions
Can't wait for the next DSLR reviews? Here is what Simon said. Simon being Simon Joinson of dpreview of course.

Jeff Keller has recently posted his Olympus E3 review. The review obviously sparked the interest of Olympus SLR Talk forum users where they debate and dissected the review.

Meanwhile the magazine Popular Photography has posted their review of the new Pentax K20D. What did the Pentaxians think of it?

And speaking of reviews, new dpreviewer Richard Butler has posted the Nikon P50 review. This is good timing for the review, because the Nikon P50 sells for around $150. And with the new P60 abandoning wide angle for a pedestrian 5x optical zoom lens, the P50 becomes more interesting. Especially since it is about half the price of the P5100. So what did Mr Butler think of it? Read the review, we won't spoil the results here :)

Photo Club Alpha has posted their on-going look at the Sony A200. This is discussed in the Sony forum.

Forum Digest is now final
This edition of the forum digest is now final!

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