Friday, February 8, 2008

Photography Soup (1001 Noisy on the Net, Part II)

We now have Episode II of the special edition of 1001 Noisy on the Net Thank-a-thon! Episode I was posted earlier this week.

Thanks to David Ziser for including this blog in their list of favorite websites and blogs. Be sure to check out the list, it has some practical and helpful websites :)

Thanks to the CanonBlogger blog for the reference. CanonBlogger is a blog that talks all things Canon! Canon fans, it's for you!

Also thanks to the RU_Lens blog, discussing lenses and cameras in Russian.

Also thanks to the Blork Blog (not Borg Blog) for adding us to their reading list!

More thanks go to the Fuji forum at, discussing Fuji digital cameras in Dutch.

Also merci beaucoup to the french forum for discussing our coverage of the Panasonic TZ5 leak.

Also thanks to the Fuji SLR Talk forum users at dpreview for mentioning some of our recent posts in their digital camera and photography discussions!

Also thanks to the forum users at Steve's for discussing one of our recent The Charts features. The Charts looks at snapshots of best selling digital cameras around the web. We currently have 32 installments posted. Wow! 32??? Time flies when you are having fun :-)

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