Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photography Soup (1001 Noisy on the Net, Part III)

Welcome to episode III of the "Thank-a-thon", also known as 1001 Noisy on the Net. This is where we thank websites and blogs for liking (or disliking) and discussing some of our blog mumblings.

Tbanks to Wired's Gadget Lab blog for mentioning our story on the Sigma DP1 getting listed at Amazon. If you like gadgets, be sure to visit and bookmark Wired's Gadget Blog

Also thanks to the newly launched Fine Art Photo Blog for adding us to their list of fine-art friends.

Thanks to Gizmodo for their coverage of our Sigma DP1 pre-order round-up.

Thanks to Norwegian site Akam.no for discussing our Samsung GX20 leak.

Our Panasonic coverage is discussed at the DigitalKamera.de forum.

The Imaging Insider, a Thank-a-thon Hall of Famer, covers our DSLR Stock Exchange, and other stories as well.

Thanks to forum user "Strobe" of avforums.com for discussing our DSLR Review Matrix. The DSLR Review Matrix tries to pack as many DSLR reviews in a single page as possible. It is an on-going feature, with updates going forward and backwards in time.

Also thanks to the Pirate 4x4 forums for discussing our DSLR Review Matrix. So what is Pirate 4x4? Try to guess before going to the site! Is it:
A) Pirates of the Carrbbean website?
B) SUV website?
C) Square format photography website?
D) None of the above?

And thanks to Swedish forum fotosidan.se for discussing our Pentax posts.

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