Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photography Soup (1001 Noisy on the Net)

With all the waves upon waves of new digital cameras in the last few days, we neglected to thank all the websites and blogs that mentioned this blog in their stories. So we decided to create a special edition of the Photography Soup to thank those websites and blogs.

NEW! Thank-a-thon Hall of Fame!
We are introducing the Thank-a-Thon Hall of Fame! The Thank-a-thon Hall of Fame is open for websites and blogs that have continually featured and supported this Noisy blog! The first three entrants to the Thank-a-thon hall of fame are The Imaging Insider, your wide angle view of the world of imaging and photography, Amin Foto, your wide angle view of DSLRs and prosumers from a photographer's perspective, and David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog, a wide angle view of photography from an established professional photographer's perspective (David Ziser), great for aspiring and established photographers alike.

1001 Noisy Cameras on the Net
Our quote on BigFoot taking portrait pictures of the Lochness monster using the Sigma DP1 made it to the list of quotes at Antrix.net. Thanks Antrix.net! But after the official re-announcement of the DP1 and the sample pictures surfacing on the net (eg dpreview), we will no longer be able to continue with our DP1 availability joke. But fear not, we will recycle the jokes with the next camera that takes forever to be delivered :)

Thanks to the Photo Walk Pro blog for adding this noisy blog to their blog roll. They cover the world of photography. Be sure to check their PMA coverage from Vegas!

Our Noisy Buzz feature (see: right sidebar and bottom of the blog) was mentioned by Chitika's Market Pulse blog. Thank you Chitika!

Thanks to Uber Photography, an interactive community of bloggers, photographers and more importantly their portfolios, for featuring our CES 2008 round-up. Here is an example of a photographer-blog-portfolio at Uber, Nhat Nguyen's page. And a write up on Uber by the PDN Pulse blog.

Our PMA rumoralia found its way to Gadget blogs as well, the excellent Crunch Gear blog mentioned our Nikon D60 rumor-leak post. Thanks Crunch Gear!

Neutral Day has mentioned 1001 noisy cameras in one of their recent posts, but we won't spoil their comment, you have to read it to find out yourselves! ;-)

We also like to thank Mark at Pace for adding this blog to their list of handy urls, Paxton Prints for adding a recent post to their news page, and Gary Ayton's camera buying tips page for referring to our Dune inspired Ricoh GX100 prosumer messiah post.

The thank-a-thon continues with Piotr Kempa's new blog referring to our new Pentax DSLRs coverage, and the Popat Photographers Flickr group for mentioning one of our recent Canon vs Nikon posts. Popat is a flickr group for those getting started in photography.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to Studio Lighting for their reference to our debut market watch post which was talking about DSLR prices with our new market reporter Marianne Bartarameaux. Also be sure to check Studio Photography's Lightsource podcast!


amin said...

Thanks for the induction and for featuring my blog as you have so often =). All the best, Amin Sabet

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome! It was a well-deserved induction in the Noisy
Hall of Fame :-)