Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photography Soup (Thursday February 14, 2008)

We have a new installment of the Photography Soup! No specific theme this time, we just scour the net for stories of interest!

Math geeks this puzzle is for you. See if you can see the pattern in the following story: Epic Epics gives us seven reasons to love prime lenses. And re-energizes the age-old prime vs zoom debate.

Panasonic raises the bar in memory card storage with their new 32gb SDHC memory card. Yep, 32 gigabytes in one card!

The latest buzz around the net is the announcement of Apple Aperture 2.0! Here is a sample of the coverage out there: Ryan Brenizer, Adorama News Desk, and the Imaging Insider. Aperture 2.0 is available for ordering at $190 (Amazon), and as an upgrade for $90 (Amazon)

Do you have a photography club or organization? Get some additional exposure (no pun intended) by listing your club at Endless Years. Endless Year is a new website that focuses on baby boomers and photography.

Digital Pro Talk has a new wave of updates, including coverage of 35mm film photography, and a picture with an attitude.

A Photo Editor talks low-budget, medium budget and high budget photographers. What's the distinction? Read on to find out!

Image Sensors World talks about the new 2mp tiny sensor from Micron. And Omnivision has something too.

We are trying to find a way to make a link to fashion, accessories, bags and camera bags, but we can't! So, no fancy intro, CNet picks five camera bags for those with more than just a compact camera. Infact most of the camera bags discussed cost more than the average compact digicams :)

The Imaging Insider points us to a review of the Epson Stylus R9100 printer. Also via the Insider, the final wish of Susan Sontag.

The British Journal of Photography brings up more on the Canon 1D Mark III issues. What a nightmare for Canon!

If you suddenly get a craving for lens reviews, be sure to check out, written in english!

The PDN Pulse blog has posted their latest photo feed, which is their daily round-up of news and stories of interest.

Nikon Watch has something of interest to "camera hackers", a story on the Nikon D2h and the removal of the low-pass filter.

TOP (The Online Photographer) gives us a state of the film and video address with the dynamic duo of Bob Burnett and Dan Bailes.

Ken Rockwell reviews the Nikon 60mm f2.8D Micro. This not to be confused with the newly announced AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED.

And we close this episode with a question: To rebate or not to rebate asks CNet's Shakespeare.

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