Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photography Soup (Thursday February 21, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the Photography Soup, where we mix in different stories from around the web of photography sites and blogs!

Strange things are happening at Digital Pro Talk. Someone send Mulder and Scully to investigate! And then there's some polarization! Also be sure to check the picture titled The Choirmaster, then see the light, and check some inspirational photographers.

Nikonians are planning something big: A Nikon User Convention in 2009!. I will be there to cover it - I'll be the one with the Canon T-shirt, Canon hat, Canon jacket, Canon DSLRs and Canon L-series lenses ;-) And to take pictures of the event, I will be using my trusty Hello Kitty QVGA 2400 XRi!

The PDN Pulse blog has posted their latest photo feed, which covers the Marilyn wannabe picture, the campaign trail, and lots more.

One of the classic Kool and the Gang songs is "Get down on it". And that's the theme of this tip at Epic Edits.

The Photoshop Insider blog has posted their latest news round-up, where they remind us of the one year anniversary of Lightroom, among other things.

DC Views informs us that Ricoh gets creative with new bundles of the GX100 and GRD II. No word yet as to whether these will become available in the USA market. Currently Adorama has some bundles, but I believe they do not include the wide angle converter.

Photography Bay hosts 10 tips for breaking into commercial magazine photography by Zach Matthews.

A great philosophical debate at JMG Galleries on when is a mimicked shot an homage? A great read!

In case you tried on purpose to avoid reading about this, we will make you read it: Blu Ray won, HD-DVD is Betamax :)

Stephen at CNet's Underexposed blog discusses Google's decision to fund Photoshop on Linux. Just don't expect to be able to recompile it on your box :)

Sport shooters, Rob Galbraith discusses NBA all-star game sequence galleries posted by the multi-color fishwrap!

Meanwhile Amateur Photographer UK has an update on yet another incident of the police and a photographer. No, not a private concert by Sting and friends, the actual police!

Darren at DPS discusses bad weather challenges and photography. Can you not photoshop the bad weather out before you leave the house or the office or the studio? :)

Ryan Brenizer, Amazon's photography columnist advises us to play with our food!

Amin Photo is planning a new shootout that will include the Sigma DP1 after it starts shipping. Be sure to give your feedback if you have test ideas or any aspects of the camera you want to see "exercised".

Ken Rockwell gets his goodies from Ritz, Amazon and Adorama, and has a Nikon 20mm light fall off comparison. This of course talking about 35mm full frame SLRs and DSLRs of the Nikon mount. Translation: Nikon D3, and Nikon-mount film SLRs, along with a couple of the Kodak 35mm ff dslrs of a few years ago.

Photography Blog tells us about the Wild Wonders of Europe, a new five year mission, hoping to boldly go where photography in Europe has never gone before!

And we conclude this episode with episode #121 of Photoshop TV, presented by the Photoshop Guys. Unlike Lost, they don't have to deal with polar bears, smoke, hatches, helicopters, or flash-backs and flash-forwards.

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