Thursday, February 7, 2008

Photography Soup (Thursday, February 7, 2008)

In today's episode we are trying another format, an unstructured flow of stories and posts. So let's get started!

Pictures taken with a Samsung GX20 by Elitephotog at Zenfolio. Discussion of these here.

DC Resource has posted a new wave of picture galleries taken with the Olympus E3, Fuji F50fd, Sony A200, Ricoh R7, Fuji S8000fd, and Sony W130. What does this mean? It means that there are reviews of these cameras coming in the next few days and weeks at DC Resource!

CNet's Underexposed blog presents new sensor technology from Panasonic presented at the ISCC conference, that promises improved dynamic range. But as the post mentions, this technology (for the moment) is geared toward smaller sensors.

More from CNet, on JPEG XR and the potential of improving burst mode, by Lori Grunin at the Crave blog.

Since the writers are on strike, we have decided to rerun Adorama's 100 tips in 100 days :) Today we feature two back to back episodes, Capturing b+w and color at the same time, and How to read a histogram.

You need to find a new Oscar party, because Vanity Fair has canceled theirs says A Photo Editor.

Are you a member of Flickr? Want to showcase your pictures on the net? Submit your pictures to our flickr photo pool, and we will promote them here on this blog, just like this example:

You can also watch a slideshow of the pictures from our Flickr group. The slideshow is done using Flash, and it will be slow on dialup connections.

And we have a pre-order update, for those interested in the newly announced Fuji S1000fd, it is available for pre-order at Amazon for $250. For more on the S1000fd, be sure to check our coverage of the Fuji announcement. Please note that for some strange reason Fuji did not give this camera an optical or mechanical (sensor-shift) stabilization mode. Instead they have a "mode" where it basically adjusts shutter speed and ISO. This does not use a Super CCD sensor, but rather an "off the shelf" traditional Bayer sensor, so don't expect an ISO advantage because of the sensor.

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