Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Photography Soup (Wednesday February 6, 2008)

The Super Tuesday of photography is over (PMA 2008), and with that in the rear view mirror, we go back to our regular installments of our not-so-daily daily round-up, the Photography Soup. We will try a slightly different format for the Soup in this installment. Let us know if you like it, or what else you would like to see added. We are not easily offended, so please feel free to give us feedback.

The Funnies
We start with something funny, from the Indexed blog. As they say, knowledge is power!

Tips, How-To, Tutorials & More
CheapShooter (we can relate to that name) talks about important camera settings. This may sound like a beginner's post, but it actually packs a lot of useful information in it.

The Insider has found an introduction to HDR photography at

David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog is always a great place to learn something new. Some of the latest posts include Technique Tuesday, a b+w picture with the D1X + Tamron (Mother's Love), tele extender talk and a lot more.

AminFoto spotlights, a new blog that has a simple yet practical goal: To answer individual questions about photography. Have a question? Just Ask!

Water Cooler Talk
Didn't you wish it was you? Photoshop User TV has a winner for their B&H Photo Shopping Spree photography contest. Who is the winner? Find out!

And while we are on Photoshop User TV, check out their latest episode, #119. Worry not, you do not need to watch the previous 118 episodes to "get" the latest episode. It's not LOST!

And who will be the 2008 wildlife photographer of the year asks I hope they accept pictures from my Hello Kitty VX 2000Uz, because I got a series of Bigfoot photos :)

DPS (digital photography school) asks, do you have a camera that you take everywhere with you? We should add an amendment to that: Do you take the camera, or does the camera take you?

Have camera, will vote? The Imaging Insider has a story on the Polling Place Photo Project.

Is Adobe discontinuing stock photos? Well, we wouldn't be asking this question, unless the answer was YES!

Photography Bay makes a case for myphotopipe for your prints.

Sony announces the Sony World Photography awards says

Tech Talk
Canon is said to have another 1D Mark III for the elites VIPs. Details at the Adorama News Desk.

How about some love for one of the cameras that is almost ignored by everyone (this blog included)? The Ricoh 500SE gets reviewed by RuggedPCreview, a website that specialize on all things rugged!

Need a reason to get a DSLR? Here are ten of them at the Tech Lounge.

Pentax extended a hand (and a lens or two) towards their qualified professionals. Yes, a pro-pro support program. Details at the Adorama News Desk

How about this package for $2480 from Calumet Photo? The Nikon D300 + 18-200 DX VR lens + Nikon NX Capture software

Next episode
The next episode of the Soup will be posted on Thursday. If you have any stories, yours or from your favorite websites or blogs, just let us know!


mrsfixit said...

Actually, the Ricoh 500SE looks interesting to me....

8 MP on a 1/1.8 sensor... and it looks weatherproof.

If the image quality was decent on this I might consider it...

I would like to see some reviews on it.

It's a little pricey though.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Great points!

I didn't notice at first pass that the lens starts at 28mm (or 29mm), so that adds to its versatility!

It also has a AA or LiIon battery option, one of my pet peeves in power flexibility!

Because they used to be Japan-only or limited availability I didn't pay a lot of attention to them.