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Photokina 2008 rumors, speculation, predictions and wishful thinking

With PMA 2008 in the rear view mirror, we are now orbiting Planet Photokina 2008! To make this rag tag fleet of rumoralia easier to follow, we are introducing a new "table-top" format right below! Let us know if you prefer this one or the previous text-only approach.

For a blend of rumors, leaks, and actual products announced, be sure to visit and bookmark the brand new Photokina 2008 Situation Room. [New!]

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+Two to replace Canon 5D Mk I?
+Powershot Leaks
+Canon G10 Leak?
+New S51-IS???
+Canon 7D mentioned by french retailer
+The 5D Mark II book incident
+Possible G10 and CMOS sensors
+Official: Canon 50D
+Official: New Powershots
+Something Big from Nikon - says Nikon
+Nikon rumor round-up
+Author hints more is coming
+Nikon D3x and D10 (now D700)
+Official: Nikon D90
+Official: Nikon P6000
+Official: New Coolpixies

+Sony DSLR next week
+A900 mid-September?
+Photokina surprise?
+August 14 announcement?
+Sony A900 flagship
+Alpha A800 mid-range DSLR?
+25mp Exmor CMOS sensor
+K2000 and then full frame?
+Samsung works on full frame sensor
+645D is frozen

OlympusPanasonic + Leica
+Cameras at Photokina?
+Micro 4/3rds roundup
+Official: New SP-565uz and more
+Panasonic 4/3rds DSLR next week
+Leica Rumor Round-up
+Leaked Micro Four Thirds Panasonic camera body pictures?
+Leica Cinema?
+Leica Rumor Round-up
+Leica informally shares plans
+Panasonic buys Sanyo?

Other ManufacturersSigma + Tam/Tok
+Samsung developing its own interchangeable lens smaller-size APS-C system
+The RED eats DSLRs?
+Hogan's Riddle on Fuji
+Kodak ripe for takeover?
+Fuji Digital Natural F1.9 (wild rumor)
+Fuji F120fd?
+Official: New Fujis
+DP2 and DP3 coming later said founder
+SD15 DSLR coming said founder

Blogs with More RumorsSpeculation (not rumors)
+Imaging Insider
+Serious Compacts
+This blog
+DSLR Speculation + Predictions
+Super Zoom Speculation + Predictions
+Power Compacts (eg Canon G9, LX3, GX200, etc)
+Point and Shoot Speculation
+Mason Resnick predictions
+Prosumer speculation

Latest Rumors added

Official Website and Dates
The official english-speaking website for Photokina is The german-speaking version is at Photokina will take place September 23 to 29, 2008, in Koln (Cologne) Germany.

For more on Photokina, be sure to check the brand new World of Imaging website, which will be produced in support of the organizer of Photokina, Koelnmesse.

And if you want someone else to pay for your Photokina 2008 trip, Think Tank Photo is having a drawing for one lucky photographer.

Wow! A 60-megapixel full frame digital back. Luminous Landscape has an exclusive preview! This is obviously much more than a rumor. Discussion here, and direct link to Luminous as well.

The Sony A900 is expected to be officially announced either at Photokina 2008, or by then according to Sony. It will be using the new Exmor 25mp Sony CMOS 35mm full frame sensor. Sony talked about their new flagship briefly at PMA 2008.

More than just rumors
Nikon author David Busch says on his Amazon blog that there is a "soon to be announced" Nikon camera that he will be writing a book guide for. The other cameras mentioned in the sentece? The D3 and D700.

A new Nikon Coopix 1/1.7" camera with RAW and wide-angle? Rumor talk at Serious Compacts and RAWsumer. [New!]

Photography Bay has an update on the Sony A900 and upcoming lenses. What lenses should you expect and will the price be right? [New!]

Leica shares plans with Leicaphiles. But it's not official unless it's official as we saw with the firing of their former CEO Steven Lee.

Is Kodak ripe for a take-over? Who are the likely candidates to take a chance on Kodak? More at the Imaging Insider!

An alleged book allegedly detailing the alleged Canon 5D mark II made its way to the Amazon and Wiley & Sons websites. Both Amazon and Wiley pulled the pages down, and the author attributed it to an "error". Error Mark II :) Details on the 5D Mark II book.

Serious Compacts fans have spotted a Chinese interview of Panasonic where they discuss LX 2 replacement. As you may recall, Serious Compacts discussed earlier another interview with Panasonic where they hinted that there may be two LX2 replacements coming in 2008. This was a different interview, when Let's Go was playing hardball at PMA 2008. We think and wish more camera review sites and magazines did this to force the companies to keep it real :)

Serious Compacts talks of Canon, CMOS sensors, and a new G-series camera. More details on this at their flickr discussion group. Also there a reference to information revealed in the Canon SDK. Interested in a potential G10 or more? Be sure to check this out. I'm sure this will be one of the hot rumors as we get closer to Photokina 2008!

Leonard Goh of CNet Crave Asia was told by SE Asia Samsung GM that there is more from Samsung at Photokina, not just new lenses, but also a DSLR. Read on to see what Leonard has found.

Nikon D3X reference found in the latest Nikon D3 firmware upgrade. Coverage of the buzz here.

Amateur Photographer UK has revealed that Samsung is working on a 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor! Coverage here. Direct link to AP UK story.

More from Sigma, also from AP-UK Informer: New Sigma DP2 and DP3 coming later on! - one possibly with a zoom lens.

Sigma Exec Michihiro Yamaki told Amateur Photographer UK that a Sigma SD15 is coming at Photokina 2008. The SD15 will have the same sensor as the SD14, but will have other technological improvements.

NikonWatch is discussing a BJoP story with a quote from a Nikon that hints that more primes are coming this year. Prime your credit card! :)

Leica has formally hinted that a 35mm full digital rangefinder is coming, but the M8 will continue to be updated. The Adorama News Desk has a recap. And just like Adorama, the Imaging Insider was told by Leica at PMA 2008 of technical reasons why a full frame M-series wasn't feasible with the current set up. So what's the frequency Leica?

Canon quasi-formally hinted that a Canon 5D replacement is coming. Will it be a straight up Canon 5D Mark II, or perhaps a more mass market EOS 7D?

A flickr user has posted six pictures that were allegedly taken by the LX3. The pictures were taken in Monaco, which perhaps was a place where Panasonic had a press event? [New!]

A 35mm full frame Sony Alpha A800 DSLR coming up? And perhaps an Alpha A700 replacement along with the expected A900 flagship. And how about the lenses? More via the Camera Labs Sony forum. [New!]

Is Panasonic dropping out of Four Thirds? We don't know!

Two new Nikon 35mm full frame DSLRs coming up? That's what a laconic post says in the dpreview Nikon forum. Discussion here! A follow-up on these two Nikon full-frame DSLR rumors at Photography Bay.

A tar-ball (for the Unix geeks) of Canon and Nikon rumors, you can to uncompress them to see if they make sense :)

More on the Canon 5D Mark II at Photography Bay!

This dpreview forum thread says that the February 2008 edition of the french photography magazine "Reponses Photo" talks of a 35mm full-frame Leica R10, a 35mm full frame Canon 7D, and a Nikon D80 follow-up.

The Nikon D80 is due for a replacement or at least a camera that fits that segment or price-level. At the moment there is a gap from the D40/D40x/D60 to the D200/S5/D300. The D80 is the only one in between those DSLRs. The rumors talk of a D80x or D85 or D90. Remember, there is already a D100, which was sort of followed up by the D200 and D300

More coming later!

Soft Rumors
Wild rumor, via the dpreview news forum, of three APS-C digital cameras coming up from C/N/L. More at RAWsumer. Direct link to dpreview News forum. [New!]

Nikon and Fuji merging? Unlikely? Well this dpreview Fuji SLR Talk forum thread has a soft rumor about it. Another user mentions that Nikon bodies were "seen" having Fuji sensors. A very soft rumor mind you.

The Fuji F120fd would be a follow-up to the Fuji F100fd, ranging from Photokina time to PMA 2009 time. More via dpreview Fuji forum.

A certain retailer is advertising the Nikon D90 using Google Adsense. But the ad itself just points to the existing Nikon DSLR models. We assume this is probably a rumor-savvy retailer trying to grab people's attention.

One of the Nikon Watch readers was told by a store rep who was told by a Nikon rep that Nikon would be releasing five new DSLR bodies this year. Well, they have released one so far, the D60 (DX), and a "D90" (DX) and "D3X" (FX) are speculated (or at least wished for). So where do two more DSLRs fit the great puzzle?

Is there a Leica R10 dSLR in the pipeline? This dpreview News forum thread has a long discussion of the rumors posted at, which is in German as the domain name suggests.

All you can eat Canon Rumors at Covering Canon cameras big and small, from the SX100-IS to the 5D Mark II.

A dpreview forum user at the Bosnia press conference presenting the Olympus E420 claims that he was told by Olympus of miracles and wonders, namely that they are waiting for a new HDR sensor from Panasonic for their next E5xx dSLR. The post mentions the E520, but that's not necessarily such. It could be the E530 if the sensor is to come out in 2009. They won't just leave the E420 all alone.

Canon 5D Mark II specs surfaced in the dpreview forums. Check them out!

Will we see a 28mp Nikon D3X DSLR? NikonWatch rumorizes and speculates.

Fake or more to it? An "it came from space" Olympus E430 DSLR?

There haven't been any strong rumors of this, but some Canonites are suspecting that Canon may come up with a camera that competes with the Nikon D300 either in terms of features or in terms of price. Some have called this Canon 40Dn, others are saying that Canon's answer to the D300 may be a 35mm full frame Canon 7D that is priced around $2000 (maybe less even).

Another one talks of Leica releasing a Leica-branded version of the Olympus E3.

more coming later!

Retired Rumors
Rumors are moved in this section after a company officially announces the products that were the subject of rumors. Since they are no longer rumors, there is no reason in keeping them in the space above. Plus it makes the "unresolved rumors" more readable. So here they are:

The buzz is getting louder around the net. Check the latest Nikon D700 rumor roundup.

A leak via the chinese forum Xitek? If true, then meet the Nikon D700, an alleged 35mm full frame DSLR with a 12mp CMOS sensor.

The name of Canon Digital Rebel XS (1000D) was leaked in the help pages of a Canon software release. Photography Bay is talking about the possible specs as discussed at

Other Photokina Previews
RAWsumer speculates on possible (yet hypothetical) RAWsumers.

Digital Camera Review speculates on Photokina talking 4/3rds, megapixels and new tech.

Serious Compacts has wall to wall coverage of upcoming Serious Compacts rumors for Photokina 2008.

Leonard Goh of CNet Crave Asia has posted a sneak preview of Photokina 2008!

Photography Bay has posted their Photokina preview as well.

More previews will come up as we get closer to Photokina.

Speculation and Predictions (not rumors)

Predictions (not rumors)
Note that this segment is predictions, not rumors!
  1. DSLR Speculation and Predictions
  2. SuperZoom Speculation and Predictions

Speculation (not rumors)
Speculation is, well, speculation, and is a combination of rumors, reading tea leaves, looking at historical release patterns, wishful thinking, and just about anything else.

With that in mind, we have our first speculation post of the Photokina 2008 season, at RAWsumer, speculating on prosumers, or as we call it RAWsumers. RAWsumers are similar to prosumers, but not exactly the same set. RAWsumer refers to a non-DSLR digital camera that has native RAW support. For more terms, be sure to visit the 1001 noisy terms post.

Wishful thinking (not rumors)
Note that this segment is wishful thinking, not rumors!
A hybrid Panasonic LX-series and LC-series camera with a 28-200mm range, fast operation, RAW, takes both LiIon and AA batteries,

A speed-demon edition oof the Ricoh GX100, with some of the operational quirks and issues improved upon as well.

Previous Rumors, Speculations and Predictions

  1. PMA 2008 giant rumor, speculation and predictions post.
  2. PMA 2008 prosumer speculation
  3. CES 2008 predictions
  4. Fauxtokina 2007
  5. RAWsumer specific speculation
  6. Photokina 2006 rumors, predictions and speculation (at Photography Etc)

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