Sunday, February 3, 2008

Round-up of PMA 2008 round-ups (updated)

We are a poor blog so we can't afford trips to PMA 2008, but we can afford to create a round-up of PMA 2008 coverage on the net! So let's see how the various websites and blogs are covering PMA, a lot of them live from the PMA 2008 floor or from Vegas, others commenting remotely. Buffet and casino pictures may be included ;-) There are many sites and blogs out there, we are only offering a sampling. If we left anyone out or if you want your own round-up to be added to the list, just let us know in the comments section or send us an email.

Photography Sites
First up, dpreview has set up a special PMA 2008 coverage page. Then Imaging Resource has gone in PMA coverage mode.

One of the most reputable online retailers has added multimedia PMA coverage on their site. Check what Calumet Photo has prepared (K20D, D60, Nikkor lenses, XSi, Vixia and more).

Meanwhile the PDN Pulse goes rock and roll!

Nikon Watch has a round-up of Nikon coverage.

Photography Blog is live and posting from PMA 2008, with many magical mystery manufacturer booth tours.

Also covering PMA is Digital Camera Info.

News round-up of some of the waves of new products at the Aodrama News Desk

Ken Rockwell has posted his own round-up of PMA 2008, talking Canon, Nikon and Pentax.

And PMA itself, has a blog up, the PMA 08 blog.

Gadget Blogs
SciFi's DVICE blog (double meaning: vice, and device) picks five technologies that will dominate in 2008. Can you guess which five they picked? How right or wrong are they? We blog, you decide!

Crunch Gear covers the comin g in 2008 Sony Alpha A900 flagship DSLR.

Wired magazine's Gadget Blog has posted their own round-up featuring some of the HD video digicams among other things.

More from the Gadget Blog, they feature a lens round-up. Lenses can sometimes get overshadowed by the waves and waves of new digital cameras.

Meanwhile CNet's Crave blog has their own round-up and wrap-up.

Almost 100 new digital cameras in 2008
That's right, we've had almost 100 new digital cameras from the major manufacturers in 2008! Our count is at 97, and we don't even count the "generics". To make life easier for you, we have summarized all 100 cameras here and also started a humble pre-ordering list for some of the hottest cameras and lenses in our opinion. If we missed any, or if you think others belong to the pre-order list, just let us know! The comments section is always open for commenting.

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Update: More PMA coverage
AlphaMountWorld covers Sony's presence at PMA, and has a hands-on preview of the Sony A300 and A350. Discussion of their coverage at the Sony dpreview forum.

The Gadget Blog looks at entry level DSLRs at PMA 2008.

Meanwhile a Pentaxian reports from the PMA blog in the Pentax SLR Talk dpreview forum. And an update the morning after with lots of K-mount and Samsung related tidbits. Must read!

dpnow has their own look at Samsung's booth.

One more item, this is not directly from the PMA floor, but first sample pictures from the Sigma DP1 have been posted in Japan, and they are discussed in this Sigma SLR Talk dpreview forum thread. Now that was a railroad sentence. So what do people think of the samples? We won't spoil the discussion. Check it out yourselves!

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