Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Samsung beats Olympus and Kodak for the #3 spot world-wide!

Nikkei Japan has posted global market share numbers for 2007 according to

One of the big questions for 2007 was whether Samsung would have been able to grab the #3 spot for 2007, a lofty goal, and one they would have to fight off Kodak. A battle that was complicated when Kodak did a U-turn on their decision to "abandon" entry-level cameras, and then turned around a few weeks later and announced the $80 Kodak C513.

The battle was close! Samsung grabbed the #3 as they planned and hoped with a 9.1% market share, while Olympus grabbed the #4 spot with 9.0%, and Kodak tumbled to #5 with 8.8%.

Please note these are production numbers, not necessarily actual hard sales!

As expected Canon continued its world domination with 19.2%, while Sony was not that far behind at 17.5%. Here is the complete Top 10 courtesy of Nikkei BP.

Here is a large colorful pie chart. And a translation.

2007 worldwide digital camera market share
RankCompanyMarket ShareUnits
1.Canon19.2%25.2 million
2.Sony17.5%23 million
3.Samsung9.1%12 million
4.Olympus9%11.8 million
12.everybody else3.3%

The forecast from Samsung is for 15 million units in 2008, while Olympus for 13 million units.

The total number of digital cameras for 2007 were 131.36 million! So much for the slowdown!

Noisy Opinion
This is the overall market, and it includes both DSLRs and non-DSLRs. Of course non-DSLRs are the vast majority of the market in terms of number of units. In terms of revenue the gap is not as big, as the average DSLR costs a lot more than the average non-dSLR digital camera.

The rumors/discussions of Pentax ejecting from the non-DSLR market are certainly not derailed by a 2.4% showing. HP itself, who is going to be outsourcing/outbranding its digital cameras in 2008, finished ahead of Pentax, and HP doesn't even have any mid-range or advanced cameras.

Olympus may have surprised a bit, despite their stubborness to remain with xD, they managed to beat Kodak. Of course the surprise may be two-fold: How much did Kodak fall, and how much did Olympus climb?

It is our opinion that if Olympus follows the Fuji path and offers dual xD/SD memory cards, it will "liberate" their cameras, and could boost their chances of grabbing the #3 spot in terms of market share. But what do we know? We just blog!

The modest Sony line-up strategy seems to be working as Sony is moving units, and it is competitive with the once-invincible Canon. Considering that Canon sells DSLRs like crazy, while Sony only had the A100 for the most of 2007, it would be interesting to see the numbers for non-DSLRs! They may need a recount to figure out who is #1!

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