Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sony A700 stackable specials at OneCall.com

Pull out your calculators, OneCall has two stackable promotions centered around the Sony Alpha A700. This is a good opportunity for those who might be interested in picking up the A700, along with two or more lenses. The good thing is that you don't have to submit any rebates, the discounts are reflected when you make your purchase!

So let me try to explain it, without using one thousand words or less :) I did try to explain it with words, but it go so long and winding, I had to scrap it!

The promotion
* Prerequisite: Buy the Sony A700 body only, or the A700 with the 18-70 DT lens or the A700 with the versatile 16-105 DT lens
* Promotion #1: Buy the Sony 75-300 lens and get $100 off the total price. This lens is the only option for promo #1.
* Promotion #2: Buy any one of twelve lenses participating in promo #2, ranging from the $350 11-18 DT lens to the $6000 300mm f2.8 G, and get $150 off the total price.

Example #1: Good for advanced starters
The two promotions can be stacked (used together), so you can get $250 off the combined price of your purchase. Here is an example:
* Buy the Sony A700 with 18-70 kit ($1500)
+ Buy the Sony 75-300 ($205)
+ Sony 50mm f1.4 ($310)
= Total: $2015
- Discount: $250
= New Total: $1760

Example #2: For power users
* Buy the Sony A700 with 16-105 DT lens ($1900)
+ Buy the Sony 75-300 ($205)
+ Buy the Sony 35mm f1.4 G ($1300)
= Total: $3405
- Discount: $250
= New Total: $3155

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