Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top posts at 1001 Noisy (first week of February 2008)

Let's take a look at the most popular posts here at 1001 Noisy during the last week. The most popular post continued to be our giant PMA 2008 Rumor and Speculation-athon. Also popular was our coverage of the giant Fuji S100 IS, a giantsumer that uses a 28-400mm equivalent lens and a refreshing 11mp 2/3" sensor, the first 2/3" sensor since the Samsung Pro 815 of a few years ago. Viva 2/3" sensors!

Our third most popular story for the week was our summary of all the new digital cameras of 2008, a total of about 100 new digital cameras, in just one month. Partially thanks to the compression effect of having CES and PMA happen in the same month.

Next up, our coverage of the new Panasonic TZ5. While it was disappointing that Panasonic did not introduce a more "grown up" version with PSAM and RAW, there is still plenty to like about this new camera.

Our rumoralia posts on Sony A300 and A900 rumors and the debut of our Photokina 2008 Rumors also generated interest around the net.

Chuck Westfall's comments on Canon, Nikon and APS-H sensors were also generating buzz! And speaking of buzz, the official re-announcement of the Sigma DP1 was also a popular topic.

Continuing to be popular is our ambitious DSLR Review Matrix project, where we try to pack as many DSLRs reviews as possible in a single web page. Information overload alert! :)

Top outgoing stories
Let's see some of the stories that we mentioned here in this blog that were popular among our readers. First up, the most popular of all, Chuck Westfall interviewed by CNet. A very close second, dpnow's sample Panasonic TZ5 pictures. Also of interest, DigiTimes revealing which Taiwanese companies make cameras for which Japanese manufacturers. Oh my! How scandalous!

Also popular were Photography Bay's Canon 5D Mark II rumors, the Imaging Insider story on Canon and APS-H sensors, and CheapShooter's important camera settings to keep in mind.

Where did they all come from?
Other than search engines, where did the majority of our readers come from this week? In no particular order, we have to thank the following sites and blogs for discussing our posts: Imaging Insider, David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk, and the dpreview forums.

For those who are interested in RSS feeds and readers, the most popular feed reader was Google's online news Reader (, with Bloglines finishing second. We will have more on these later on.

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