Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top sellers at Adorama (The Charts)

We are excited to introduce another new retailer to our Charts feature! The Charts is a regular feature where we look at the best selling cameras around the net and around the world. Today we are discussing the top selling cameras at Adorama. We would like to thank Adorama for their help to make this possible. Please keep in mind this is a relatively short time period, so please do not draw any long-term conclusions based on this individual post alone.

The Top Selling Digital Cameras at Adorama
1.Nikon D300This should not be a surprise, the Nikon D300 was part of the D3/D300 dynamic duo that took the professional and enthusiast photographer world by storm. While the D3 clearly generated the bigger buzz among the two, the price clearly favors the D300 as it costs almost 1/3rd as much as the D3.
2.Canon 400DThe Canon Digital Rebel XTi has become one of the biggest bang for the buck DSLRs in the last few months, because of the price drops. While still not as "bang for the buck" as the DSLRs with sensor shift stabilization, it opens the world of EOS to photographers, and it is a gateway to "L" (L does not stand for Learning). The new XSi announcement has added another interesting option, but there is a big price difference at the moment, the XSi is $800 body only, while the XTi with the kit lens is at $590.
3.Nikon D80 body onlyDespite its "age", the Nikon D80 finds itself in a very advantageous position, in-between the Nikon D40/D40x and the D200/D300. With a price of around $780, it has the bang for the buck advantage over the D200/D300, and it has the feature set advantage over the D40/D40x. As you may recall, the D40/D40x duo require lenses with focus motors, frustrating users of older lenses - to put it mildly.
4.Nikon D80 two lens kitThe Nikon D80 with the two-lens kit offers power-newcomers to APS-C DSLRs or SLR photography in general, a starter set with the 18-55 DX II and the 55-200 f4-5.6 DX VR lens. The price is around $1000.
5.Nikon D40X two lens kitThe Nikon D40X 2-lens kit is another way for newcomers to SLR photography to jump aboard. Because of the focus motor non-feature, this is ideally suited for people who may not be interested in taking advantage of lenses without a focus motor. For people without any Nikon lenses, and who are more than happy with the available and future DX lenses, this is a non-issue. The price is $730, which gives the kit bundle a slight discount as opposed to individual purchases.
6.Canon 5DThe Canon 5D has an advantage over the field, it is the only current 35mm full frame DSLR under $5000. And it's a lot under $5000. At a current price of $2100, it is about $300 more than the hot APS-C Nikon D300. It is a bit "old" in digital camera age, but the price is right. There are rumors of all sorts for Photokina 2008, from a 5D Mark II to a mythical 7D, which could make things more interesting.
7.Canon SD1000We finally have a shiny silver! Hiding among the DSLR trees is the Canon SD1000, a cutesy ultracompact that fits in most pockets. Despite the small size, it manages to include a viewfinder, which is perhaps why it is so popular. The SD1000 is the mass market Elph (aka Ixus, Ixy) at $170. With more companies moving towards optical or sensor-shift stabilization, Canon added IS to the follow-up model, the SD1100-IS, but they also added an IS premium to the price, it starts at $250 in multiple colors, which is also something new for Canon.

The prices are as of the time of writing, and they can obviously change at any time as this is a dynamic market.

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