Monday, February 11, 2008

Warning! Camera Nudity! Leica is not wearing much!

If you are offended by pictures of digital cameras not wearing a full outfit, be sure to close your browser right now! Because what follows is a picture of a scantily dressed Leica M8 wearing a scandalous leather outfit that would make a Hollywood celebrity jealous!

Last chance to close your browser, before you are faced with a Leica without a full camera case :) You have been warned!

This camera protector half case for the Leica M8 is actually generating a lot of stir at Amazon and it is currently out of stock, despite its $150 price. Which is what prompted this silly post :)

For more serious Leica coverage, be sure to check the list of reviews of the digital M8 RF in our DSLR Review Matrix. Okay, the "DSLR and RF Review Matrix" :)

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