Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend DSLR Shopper (February 22 to 24, 2008)

In this new experimental segment, we will be tracking any DSLR deals of interest for this weekend, February 22 thru 24, 2008 (Friday to Sunday).

Weekend DSLR Shopper
Olympus E410 bundle by Cameta Cameras on AmazonMore is more in this Cameta bundle, as you get the 14-42 Digital Zuiko lens, a bonus 2gb 133x CF Transcend card, gadget bag, memory card reader, and a few trinkets. The E410 is small in a good way, but unfortunately it does not have sensor-shift stabilization. However because of its small size, it is finding uses and fans
Canon 40D body only, $1150 at AmazonSee the entry right below! To summarize, the price is right.
Canon 40D with EF 28-135 IS USM lens, $1358 at AmazonThe price is certainly right for the Canon 40D. It may have "lost the buzz wars" to the dynamic Nikon D3/D300 duo, but at its current price the 40D is a tempting alternative to the D300, considering the price differential
Canon Digital Rebel XT with 18-55 EF-S lens, $450 at AmazonRebel Rebel! Your price is going down! Now at $450, you can get the D-Rebel XT (350D) with the kit lens (not the new IS kit lens obviously) for just $450. Oh my!
Sony Alpha A700 w/16-105mm f/3.5-5.6 DT Lens, $1680 at with free 3-day FedEx shippingNice price as this includes the 16-105 DT lens! At least $100 cheaper than the lowest reputable seller at Amazon, and $200+ cheaper than B&H/Ado!
Nikon D80 Body only, $740 at Calumet PhotoThe best bang for the buck DSLR for the Nikon mount! While not as advanced as the D200 or D300, it costs almost 1/2 and 1/3rd as much!
Vivitar V3800N w/ 50mm f1.7, $140 at AdoramaThis is a 35mm FILM SLR. And an old school at that! K-mount, hot shoe, old school! The perfect way to contrast yourself with someone running around with a Nikon D3 or Canon 1Ds
Olympus E410 2 Lens Kit with Accessory Bundle, $600, at, S&H starts at $19The extras include a 1gb eFilm card, and the Oly E410 starter kit which includes a bag, battery, filters and trinkets. For someone who is just getting started to SLR photography, or wants to give 4/3rds a try, or wants a small DSLR to go with their bigger SLRs, this is a nice bundle!
Olympus E-410 Single Lens Starter Kit, $500, S&H starts at $16Same as above, but only one lens, the 14-42mm lens, and no memory card.
Nikon D200 body only, $1300 at Calumet PhotoSomewhere in between the Nikon D80 and the D300 lies the D200 which predates both of them. This dSLR is ideal for people who want what the D80 doe snot have, but also don't want to pay $1800 for the D300.
Sony A100 with 18-200 lens, $1000 at Amazon, various sellersThe A100-H bundle is the one with the 18-200 superzoom lens. Do the math, there are three different A100 kits listed in this table, depending on whether you need any of the lenses "kitted" with.
Sony Alpha A100K with 18-70mm DT, $600,, free 3-day FedEx shippingThis or the new A200? That is the question!
Sony A100 body only, $530, body only, free 3-day FedExSame as above, but body only
Olympus E-500 Silver LE with 18-180mm, $800,, free 3-day FedEx shippingThe lens itself goes for around $425, which puts the limited edition silver body at around $375. If you like the E500 and the space-age silver that is.
Olympus E330 with 14-45 lens, $400, Cameta on AmazonAn old DSLR, one of the first to have a form of Live View! Keep in mind this does not have sensor-shift stabilization

For reviews of some of the DSLRs mentioned above, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix.

Update Log
Newer items go first in the table. New additions: Canon 40D and D-Rebel XT (350D).

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