Monday, March 31, 2008

Noisy Shopper: Carpe Specials at Adorama

Hello Noisy Shoppers! We are helping you get a step closer to bankruptcy with this post ;-) All apologies in advance!

Zoom Zoom!
Adorama is offering the silver edition of the Panasonic FZ50 for just $430. If you are not allergic to the it-came-from-space silver, this is a good price as the FZ50 is starting to dry out in terms of supply, and no one knows what Panasonic is planning to do with their "bigger" super-zooms. Will they get absorbed by the DSLRs and the FZ18-replacement? Will they get revitalized with a potential FZ60 or FZ80, or perhaps go wide with a FZ55? We have no clue. For reviews of the FZ50, be sure to check the super zoom review matrix.

The Year of the Sleekster?
Free shipping adds to the temptation of the $220 Canon SD850 IS. This is the model that does not start at wide angle, but if that's not an issue, the price is definitely right, if you do not object to getting a *gasp* 2007 model. If you prefer wide-angle Elves, try Lord of the Rings, or the SD800-IS and SD870-IS :)

To offer fair and balanced coverage, we now have to talk about a Nikon. When it comes to Canon vs Nikon, we are almost as fair as balanced as Hannity and Colmes ;-) The 12 megapixel Nikon S700 is offered at $249 with free shipping. For those who like to buy cameras the same way they buy groceries, it comes out to $20.75 per pound megapixel. That's like buying rare coffee beans from high quality growers!

Are you a mobile pack-rat? If yes, take a look at the Kata DR-467 Digital Rucksack which fits two DSLRs with mounted lenses, 3-4 lenses, a laptop and a few more items. And you get a free pair of sunglasses too. I kid you not!

Don't eat the memory chips! Feed them to your camera instead ;-) Silliness aside, the 2gb Sandisk Ultra II SD card is offered for $20 and free shipping too! This is a 60x card. No rebates!

And some software, the DxO Optics Pro v 4.2, Elite Edition Photo Enhancing Software package is offered for $230, but that's not all. You can download the 4.5 version for free online, and you will also receive a free upgrade to 5.0 when it gets released. If you are a software reviewer, this is a great pathway, as you can review three software versions for the price of one :)

Also, don't forget, Adorama is offering specials on prints, 99c for 8x10s and $4.95 for 16x20s! Now you can print those pixel-peep'ed pictures and start dot-peeping :)

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New Amazon Top Sellers Charts posted!

We gave it a week to generate some excitement, and one week was more than good enough for it! We have four new entries in the Top 25, and a couple more knocking on the door. But that's not all, an expensive Nikon DSLR jumps into the Top 25 and replaces the Canon 40D as the most expensive camera in the Top 25! Oh my! Here it the latest Top 25!

Here is a screenshot teaser with the most exciting part of the Top 25, the new entries! This screenshot teaser reveals the Nikon DSLR that took over the most expensive DSLR spot from the Canon 40D.

Also of note is the change of guard among the Panasonic super-zooms. The FZ18 is now holding steady at $350, and that is causing it to crash in the Charts, currently at #35. Also affected are the TZ3 models, as the new trio of TZ5 models are going on sale and getting discounted, ranging between $320 to $330, depending on color and retailer. The blue version just entered the Top 25, while the black edition is knocking on the door at #27.

The new wave of Canon SD1100 colors is also having its impact, with the silver edition making its way to the Top 15. With more colors than its predecessors, which were only silver and black, we are expecting this to perhaps be a little diluted, so it may not have the dominance the SD1000 models have. But then again, more colors could mean more sales :)

The general trend is price drops, most of them small, but even the Canon 40D bundle with the EF 28-135 lens went down, about $30. On the other hand the D300 seems to continue to hold relatively steady, perhaps because of the buzz or perhaps because of availability.

Fans of Olympus will be thrilled as we have two Olympus cameras in the top 25, one being a new entry and one an older model as seen above.

But the overall domination of Canon in the top 25 continues, as Amazonians seems to be Canonites ;-)

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rewind: The week that was at 1001 Noisy Cameras

It is Sunday again and time to recap the week that was here at 1001 Noisy Cameras!
During the last week we managed to put a brand new Nikon D3, Canon 1Ds Mark III and a Ferrari under each reader's chair :)

Spotlight stories
We launched a new feature this week, the Noisy Newsroom, with feeds of news from the world of digital cameras and photography. This is a combination of feeds and editorially selected stories. This is phase I, expect refinements and additions in the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions or feedback, just let us know.

And another new feature was launched, an evolution of "Discover new sites", fortified with Vitamin Web 2.0. A handful of websites were featured and web2.0'ed. The latter is definitely not a verb :)

We posted news of sample pictures from the Canon Digital Rebel XSi (450D) and Nikon D60 at the two major review sites, but we were careful not to introduce bias. OMG, the XSi RULEZ THE EARTH!

The "Amazon Charts" feature was given two full weeks of breathing room so we would have lots of action between the updates. And we sure did! Although Canon continues to dominate as Amazon seems to be a Canonite's market. We will now try to post new Amazon Charts updates on a weekly basis, so we'll have some movement and excitement. If we do this on a daily basis at this point, the movements will be minor and rare, which makes for a rather boring read :) What do you think?

A recap of some of the recent happenings from the Sigma DP1 world was posted just yesterday! Be sure to also check the comments as one of our readers shares his hands-on experience with the DP1.

We had two editions of our not-so-daily daily round-up post, the Photography Soup, first on Monday and then on Wednesday.

The Markets
We noticed that Japanese models of the Casio EX-F1 had made their way to eBay, with the starting prices at around $1250 for this "mystery" camera. Is Casio is doing this intentionally to generate buzz or they are just not used to making a camera that gets the attention of enthusiasts? :)

We alerted our Pentaxian readers that two of the recently announced Pentax lenses are going on sale in Japan.

For the avid shoppers out there we had some Dell specials, along with a notice of Nikon D3 in-stock at Amazon, and the blue Panasonic TZ5 at 1Call.

Weekly Rewind rewind
You can read all our weekly rewinds in one place, by checking all the posts with the weekly rewind tag. There are about 15 of them at the moment, as they are posted on a time-permitting basis.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Casio EX-F1 on sale on eBay (Japanese imports)

Are you brave and crazy and have disposable income and like to buy import items? If yes to all of the above, there are currently four eBay listings that offer the Casio EX-F1 on eBay as a Japanese import. Please note that we are not familiar with any of the eBay retailers, and we are posting this for informational purposes! We blog, you decide!

The prices start at around $1250, plus shipping and other applicable fees as listed in the individual eBay listings. Also please note the terms of each transaction (eg returns and such), as well as the warranty coverage. The camera will obviously be a Japanese model.

As we mentioned earlier this week, the EX-F1 went on sale in Japan on March 28.

Coverage of the official product announcement was posted here in early January 2008. The development notice was made by Casio in late August 2007.

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The latest news on the Sigma DP1

We now have a round-up of the latest happenings in the world of the Sigma DP1, the camera that has made Foveon hip again :)

We start with a new mini-review at The reviewer is not bullish on the camera, and points out to five things he didn't like with the DP1. Please note however, that this is a personal mini review (see the paragraph "It's not you, it's me"), it is not meant to be a universal Phil Askey type review.

We continue with the "bears" as Amazon has had a major snafu in the ordering process, and the camera that was supposed to be shipping right about now, is now listed as "1 to 3 months" in the Amazon product page. The price is at $800, but for some strange reason they have the "Click Price" option, instead of showing the price. Strange because $800 is the list price. Discussion of the Amazon non-shipping situation in this Sigma dpreview forum thread.

And now to the bulls, a new DP1 user group at pbase has been formed!

Serious Compacts is discussing in detail a comparison between the 5D and the Sigma DP1 posted in the dpreview forums. Also noted by SC is the DC Watch review and the Photo Review Au review.

Of Apples and Foveons
Of course every time a Foveon-based camera makes the news or generates buzz, we have a new wave of Foveonesque discussions. This dpreview forum discussion tackles the topic of why Foveon is bad in low light.

The buzz on the DP1 is now threating to cause a schism in the dpreview Sigma forum. Who will be the Pope of the DP1 forum? ;-)

Sigma DP1 coverage here at 1001 Noisy
You can revisit our re-announcement coverage, along with the giant Amazon pre-ordering post. Overall, there are 16 posts here with the Sigma DP1 mania tag.

PS> Rejected title for this post: "As the Sigma DP1 world turns" ;-)

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Noisy Shopper: The Weekend edition

Welcome to the weekend edition of the Noisy Shopper! If you don't want to "scratch" your credit cards, stop reading this post, and jump into the new Noisy Newsroom for all new news!

We start with an EOS temptation, the good people at OneCall are offering the Canon EOS 40D with the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, for $1300 and free 3-day FedEx shipping.

For long lists of reviews on the Canon 40D, and other recent DSLRs as well, be sure to visit the DSLR Review Matrix Cluster. On average there are about 20 reviews listed for the generally-available DSLRs. We should really call it DSLR & Friends since the Leica M8 is also listed :)

If you are looking for a computer companion for your cameras, be sure to check the various Dell XPS Spring Savings Event Deal of the Day, with new items featured on each day. And a nicely featured laptop, with 3gb of memory, 250gb hard disk, and T2370 dual core goes for $650 (before taxes and S&H), the Dell Inspiron 1525. This special price expires on March 31st.

If you love the cutesy Casio compact cameras, and love your money too, you can reconcile the two with the silver Casio EX-Z77 Exilim for $135 via J&R World. The Z77 is a 7mp 1/2.5" camera, with a 3x optical zoom lens, LiIon, and SD/MMC. And the usual assortment of Casio features.

If you do not object to the xD memory card, then you may be interested (or not) in Olympus Stylus 840 Black for $218 with free 3-day FedEx via

If you are one of our ten lucky readers, look under your chair!!! There is a brand new Canon 1Ds Mark III with three Canon "L" lenses under your chair waiting for you!

Adorama Temptations!
Adorama has a wave of specials for your shopping attention :) These are only good for the week, so don't over-think them if you are interested ;-)

We start with the silver Panasonic FZ50 offered for $430. The Fz50 is starting to get harder to find, so if you don't object to the silver color, don't wait for ever :) A long list of FZ50 reviews is listed in our SuperZoom Review Matrix, which is a work in progress at the moment :)

If you are a Mac user, and are looking for a brand new Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adorama offers it for $600. This is the full version for Macs and requires PowerPC G4 or G5 or multicore Intel processor. You may have seen the recent story at Epic Edits, 60% of Photoshop users are pirates! Pirates of the Photoshoppean? :)

If you are a fan of Ducati, and need to showcase your Ducati love with your ...memory cards, you can get the SanDisk 4 GB Extreme Ducati Edition CompactFlash card for $85 after a $30 mail-in rebate. Please keep in mind that the best way to take advantage of rebates is to 1) follow the instructions 2) keep a copy of everything you send 3) keep track of your submission. If not, rebates can be a major exercise in frustration.

Is Lomography back again? You can jump on the bandwagon for just $35 with the Lomo FishEye Point-n-Shoot 35mm Camera. This of course is not a digital camera as you can tell from the price :) It has a 170 degree field of vision and has a focal length of about 10mm according to the product page.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Contact via email

The fastest and most efficient and effective way to contact us is via email. The email address is decorated with extra braces and such to fool harvesting spam bots. If it's not clear, please leave a comment in this post :)

The contact address is the name of the blog at Gmail.

For more on this blog, be sure to check the long and winding About and FAQ page.

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Two of the new Pentax lenses to go on sale in Japan!

Pentaxians anxiously awaiting the release of the recently announced lenses have something to cheer about! (computer-translated) has posted an update from Pentax Japan, the DA 55-300mm f4-5.8 ED, and 300mm f4 ED [IF] SDM lenses will go on sale in Japan on March 29, 2008.

Japan usually gets the new gear first, since they are made there or nearby and it is the home country of the manufacturers. From there, they start trickling around the world, depending a variety of factors, which are beyond the scope of this post :)

More on Pentax lenses, computer-translated as well, straight from the Pentaxian Horse's mouth, Pentax Japan.

To see all the Pentax-priority posts in this blog, currently just under fifty, check the posts tagged Pentax. Tags of course being another word for category or label.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alliteration special: Dell Does Dynamic Digicam Discounts

In case the title seemed a little strange, please keep in mind that we specialize in silly puns and bad jokes, which is why we are here, instead of Comedy Central!

But let that not take away from the discounts of the following digital cameras at Dell. The discounts are a limited time offer according to Dell.

What?What??Why should I care?
Canon Canon PowerShot SD870 IS  Silver  8.0 MP 3.8X Zoom Digital CameraCanon SD870 IS*** Price drop alert *** Current price is down to $250! *** Wide angle and IS are the two intriguing features that make this type of a camera a DSLR user's tiny companion. Not perfect by any means (not that there is a perfect camera (other than the Nikon D3??)) but the trade-offs stack in its favor for some users out there. The price has just recently tipped below $300, right now at $290.
Canon Canon PowerShot S5 IS - digital cameraCanon S5 ISOh my, the S5 IS for under $300? Yes, currently at $290. "Still" at 12X IS, Canon is (as it is typically the case) among the last to jump on new "trendy" features. Will they jump to higher zoom ratios with newer cameras? We do not know. They are bound to announce replacement models for the S5 IS and SX 100 IS later this year, so we'll know at some point, probably by Photokina 2008. As you probably know, Sony jumped to 15X and stayed there, Panasonic jumped to 18X, Fuji jumped to 18X, while Olympus started the "revolution" at 18X, and then jumped to 20X. Me, I am holding out for the Hello Kitty pocketable SuperVGA 100X SuperTelescopeZoom VX1000uzi ;-)
Kodak Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS - digital cameraKodak Z712 ISLost among the shuffle of the big name superzooms, and caught between the "fun zooms" and the "hyper zooms" is the Kodak Z712 IS at $200 even. A modest 7mp 1/2.5" sensor may be tempting for those who don't like the overstuffed 8mp 1/2.5" or 10mp 1/2.33" sensors.
Sony Sony  Cyber-shot DSC-H3/B  Black  8.1 MP  10X Zoom  Digital CameraSony H3 BlackSony joined the fun-zoom party with the Cybershot H3, which is now discounted to $250. The competition being the Panasonic TZ-series, and Canon's SX100-IS. Canon also tried to make a hybrid fun zoom, the TX-1, but that was one of the very few "commercial failures" for a Canon camera. Of course a commercial failure for Canon could mean a top selling camera for one of the smaller brands, but that's another story for another day - since we are discussing Sony here :)
Canon Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi - digital cameraCanon Digital Rebel XTi, body onlyWho would have thought that one could get a Canon Digital Rebel DSLR for $500? Well, I'm sure if you dig into the dpreview forum archives, you will find posts of people predicting $500 Canon DSLRs in 2008 :) And the XTi is not a bad deal for $500, considering that the newly announced XSi, costs about a Canon S5-IS more. The XTi of course is the 400D, while the XSi is the 450D, and the XT is the 350D, and the Original is the 300D. We, the undersigned fans of Crispy are holding out for our model to be announced ;-)
Nikon Nikon Coolpix S200 7.1MP 2.5 X Zoom Digital CameraNikon Coolpix S200We don't want to be accused of Canon Worship, so we are adding a Nikon camera to the list as well. The Coolpixie S200 is Nikon's attempt at an answer to the Canon Elves. Certainly the $160 price is competitive with the SD1000.

PS> Alliteration, not to be confused with illiteration. Not that we knew, but Google told us so ;-)

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Nikon D3 in-stock at Amazon by Amazon (in-stock alert)!

We have a new in-stock alert for fans of the Nikon D3! Amazon is listing the Nikon D3 in-stock and available for $5000, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. This usually doesn't last long, so it may even be gone by the time we press "publish". It is also offered at $5000 by J&R World, where processing takes an additional three to four days. Free shipping from both Amazon and J&R World.

And if the reviews and sample pictures of the Nikon D3 were not convincing, this surely will be the tipping point: You also get a unique coupon code for a free 8x8 photo book (a $30 value allegedly) from Shutterfly when you purchase the D3 (until March 31, 2008). This is only good for items sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not by third party sellers (eg J&R, Adorama, Uncle Joe, Grandma Ella, etc).

For a list of reviews on the D3 (and many other recent DSLRs as well), be sure to check the DSLR Review matrix. The last impact review of the D3 was posted at Here is our post discussing it.

For all our coverage of the D3/D300 phenomenon (rivaling Beatle-mania?) be sure to check the posts tagged D3/D300 mania.

Companion lens for the Nikon D3?
J&R World has a special offer on the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mmf/2.8G ED lens, offered at $1700, with free shipping.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mmf/2.8G ED Lens

FREE Shipping

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Photography Soup (Wednesday March 26, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the hand-crafted Photography Soup. The hand-crafted artisan edition of the Photography soup is different from the new "digital" edition we are experimenting with.

We start with FREE. Did that get your attention? Now look under your chairs, dear readers! You will find a brand new Nikon D3 waiting for you! Courtesy of the 1001 Noisy Oprahs ;-)

Okay, a free Nikon D3 for every reader is not feasible. It's too hard to find four Nikon D3 units in-stock ;-) But we do have something free and readily available: The blog A Photo Editor is having a promotion where you can submit two of your favorite pictures to their flickr group and get exposure. A Photo Editor was indeed a former editor in the magazine business, so he and some of his blog readers are likely to be a very good target audience for your photographic works.

And speaking of which, David Ziser reflects on reflections in his weekly Technique Tuesday column. Since this is a blog, and some of the blogging services have theme songs for each post, we propose this theme song for this post: "True Reflections" by the Dave Matthews Band.

Meanwhile the Nikonians are on location again. Canon cameras not included? :) Speaking of Nikonians, be sure to note that is planned maintenance on Friday.

The Online Photographer has a challenge out there for all the online editors. Size up the upcoming Sony Alpha A900. Photoshop skillz a must, but if you can do it in IrfanView or Paintshop Pro or ACDSee no one is going to object :)

Plenty of new stories at the Imaging Insider, here are two of our favorites: Play CSI with Photoshop, and eat these photography tips.

Ken Rockwell has a new lens-themed post on the Nikon 85mm and bokeh.

PhotoCompete, a blog devoted to photographic competitions, is talking about the 17th annual juried photography show. That and many more competitions listed there, so be sure to visit early and often.

If you are tired of Client #9 and his "friend", then perhaps you can revisit the french President and his "friend" saga. Her nude picture(s) will be auctioned says the PDN Pulse blog.

Nikon Watch discusses the upcoming Sony A900 and wonders "where is my Nikon D3x?" << Insert Dennis Kucinich pocket joke here >>

We could go on for pages and pages but we have to stop at some point :) One last item, an infra-red filter guide by Joe Farace at the Adorama News Desk.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sample pictures from the Canon Digital Rebel XSi and Nikon D60 at Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted Digital Rebel XSi sample pictures in the build-up towards their upcoming review of the XSi (450D). There lots and lots of pixel-peeping samples, there for (y)our pixel-peeping enjoyment. Here they are together, in a nice thumbnail set. There are pictures there ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 1600.

As you may recall, just a couple of days ago, dpreview posted their own sample pictures from the 450D. dpreview has "just added" high ISO noise reduction samples. Was Monet invited to the party or is he a permanent guest at the Matsushita mansion? We blog, you decide :)

To relive the announcement of the XSi (450D), be sure to check our announcement coverage.

At the risk of causing a full blown Canon vs Nikon war, we are using this Canon-themed post to note that Imaging Resource has posted sample pictures from the Nikon D60. So we can expect a D60 review coming up from I&R in the next days or weeks.

Coverage of the Nikon D60 announcement and leakage here at 1001 Noisy.

As always, we won't be commenting on the sample pictures, so as not to introduce any bias in the tender period of "first sample pictures revealed from a new camera".

PS> Rejected title for this blog post: "Rebel, Rebel, your samples are a mess?" Rejected because people not familiar with 70s rock and roll music might have thought that we were trashing the new Digital Rebel XSi, and that could have caused an unnecessary kerfuffle.

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Now shipping: Panasonic TZ5 blue at OneCall

We have some shipping news! Well, no, this has not turned into a blog about Ships, and the rumors of Julie, Isaac and Captain "Picard" taking over this blog are completely unfounded! We are talking about the highly anticipated Panasonic TZ5, the blue version, shipping from for the list price of $350 and with free 3-day FedEx shipping.

Only the blue color is shipping, the black color is in pre-order mode. Not sure why the blue goes first, maybe the blue paint dries faster :)

Be sure to check our coverage of the TZ5 leak and announcement, way back in ...January 2008.

Don't you forget about me: Panasonic TZ4 also shipping!
The robin of the dynamic TZ5/TZ4 duo is also shipping from The Robin of course being the TZ4 black finish. The price is $300 plus $7.50 for USPS Priority Mail. You see, when you are Batman, you get extra benefits like free 3-day FedEx shipping. But if you are Robin, you have to "fly USPS" and pay for it too ;-)

You can check our coverage of the TZ4 leak-troduction in January 2008. What is a "leak-troduction"? Check the 1001 Noisy Terms to find out :)

And if all the new Panasonic announcements in 2008 have gotten out of hand, here is a summary.

What are they saying about these cameras?
Lots of discussions, particularly on the TZ5, at the Panasonic Talk dpreview forum, your #1 destination for Panasonic Talk Radio.

CNet has a video on the TZ5. Video about the camera that is, not video taken with the camera. Although we do not know how they took the video :)

Pop Photo got their glossy fingers on a unit, and posted a hands-on preview.

A quick hands-on preview at InfoSyncWorld. Note however that this site is loaded with Flash!

If you are annoyed by Flash, be sure to read our rant on Flash and how to take control over Flash in your browser and prevent it from wasting your computing resources. Thank you Firefox and Friends :)

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After two weeks, the Amazon Charts are buzzing with movement!

We gave the "Amazon Camera Charts" two weeks of breathing room to see if it would generate some movement and excitement. And boy it has! We have lots of jumps, we have a couple of crashes, and some nice price drops! Oh my!!! Okay, we are over-dramatizing a bit, but there was plenty of movement. Here is the latest edition.

And this was a great indicator of how sensitive to price changes digital cameras are: The Panasonic FZ18 was at #8 when it was selling for $300. It has since jumped to $350 and it is now outside the top 25! It's all about price?

Also in play in the superzoom segment, the Sony H3 has dropped in price and entered the top 25, while the Canon SX100 IS had a 10 spot drop (ouch!), and the Panasonic TZ3 trio continues to do well by committee (silver, black, and blue).

Following is a screenshot teaser of the Top 25, click on the picture to see the whole Top 25, along with the ones right outside the top 25.

Other dramatic developments include the jump of the brand new Canon A590 IS into the Top 15, at the very tempting price of $160, just $25 more than the previous model, the A570-IS.

Camera Chart Profile: Casio EX-Z75
Intro: In this new segment, we will be having a mini-profile of one of the cameras listed in the latest Top 25. If this feature proves popular, we will expand it. So here we go:

Another hot moving camera, (and a tempting bargain for some) is the Casio EX-Z75, an older 3x optical zoom model, offered for just $120 via J&R World. People who love the Casio Exilim styling of compacts will consider it a great deal for $120. But not everyone is drinking the Exilim flavored Kool Aid, and just like all cameras it has its list of pros and cons.

So who is the EX-Z75? A good way to "meet" the Z75 is to take a look at some of its reviews. It did not get reviewed by dpreview, but there are other review sites that have reviewed the Z75, such as Digital Camera Review. It also got an express review by Imaging Resource, while Pop Photo had an impromptu shootout between it and the Pentax M30.

The gadget blogs joined in the Z75 fun, as Crunch Gear has posted a quick review, which generated 16+ comments.

We are not sure if the reviewer was Jack Cafferty, but CNN has posted their own short review of the Z75. Okay, the review is a syndicated CNet review by CNet writer Phil Ryan.

It must be the name?
Which raises an interesting question. What is the relation between the name "Philip" and camera reviewers? We have Phil Askey of dpreview, Philip Greenspun of, Phil Ryan of CNet. Anyone else? :)

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Canon 1Ds Mark III: In-stock and revised review!

We have a double-alert for Big Daddy DSLR! The Canon 1Ds Mark III DSLR just got its review revised at by the Phil Askey of Phil Greenspun :) As always, we won't be revealing the outcome of the review! The review includes brief comparisons with other Canon and Nikon DSLRs, which is of value to those contemplating which camera(s) are best fits (trade-offs) for their budgets and their needs and their wants.

For more reviews and previews of the 1Ds Mark III, along with many other recent DSLRs, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix. If you haven't visited that before, it is a giant cluster of DSLR reviews, all compressed together in a giant blog page :)

And at the same time, the Canon 1Ds Mark III is available in-stock at the Amazon marketplace, offered at $8000 by Amazon itself (one left in-stock), along with J&R World and Adorama.

Of course this may also lead to never-ending socio-political debates, will the rumored Nikon D3X beat the 1Ds Mark III, just like the Nikon D3 has out-buzzed the competition? Will the upcoming Sony Alpha A900 using new sensor technology unseat the 1Ds Mark III as the megapixel regent to the pixel-peeping throne?

And let's not forget medium format, although obviously the prices are higher on the digital medium format end. You may recall the recent combined announcement of the new open Mamiya/Phase One clones. It's good to have choices, although none of the above cameras are perfect, so if you are a half-empty type of person, you can find plenty of faults with each and everyone of the current (and future, and past) cameras :)

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Now shipping: Blue Sony Cybershot W120

We have some late night shipping news for you! The light-Smurf version of the Sony W120 is now shipping from Vanns on Amazon. Vanns is a reputable online retailer located in the state of Montana. The price? A mere $190, but you have to also factor in the additional cost of Memorysticks (over SD/MMC), and the extra LiIon batteries if you want to have more than just the one battery that comes with the camera.

Sony W120 spotlight reviews
Even though it is a new camera, announced in January, the W120 has been reviewed already by a number of places, including Steve's Digicams. Here is a teaser from Steve's conclusions: " This model offers powerful features at an affordable price."

And just a couple of weeks ago there was a review by Greenwalt at CNeT, where it went through the usual CNet testing cycle, including the graphs that measure some of the operational aspects of the camera performance.

Read the rest of "Now shipping: Blue Sony Cybershot W120"...

Photography Soup (Monday March 24, 2008)

We have a new edition of the Photography Soup, our daily round-up of news posted on a semi-weekly basis ;-)

DC Resource has posted five new spring themed galleries taken with five digital cameras they are planning to review soon! The cameras in question? The Olympus E420, Nikon D60, Ricoh R8, Panasonic FX35 (Hello Venus?), and Olympus Stylus 1030SW.

The Adorama News Desk is reporting that Pop Photo will permanently honor the late Herbert Keppler in all their future Pop Photo issues.

Looking to explore the net and find some new websites? Be sure to check our latest edition of Discover New Sites and Blogs, now fortified with Vitamin Web 2.0 :-)

Strobist has a tip for you portrait photographers: Lose the smile. Whether you are dealing with client #9 or not ;-)

In case you missed it last week, Zeiss has announced a new lens, the Zeiss C Biogon ZM 35mm f2.8 T* says the Adorama News Desk. For our younger readers, Zeiss is not to be confused with Zeus or Dr Seuss ;-)

Throw away the dancing shoes, and pull out the walking shoes. If you are in Orlando and want to join the Photowalk. Don't let the April 1st date fool you, it is for real!

The Imaging Insider has spotted a new review of the Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM lens. The lens names rival in length only the Billboard Top 40 Single Charts artist credits ;-)

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Discover new sites and blogs, Web 2.0 edition

We are trying an experimental Web 2.0-fortified edition of our regular "Discover New Sites and Blogs" feature. Each site/blog mentioned will also be receiving a Web 2.0 feature as well.

Site/BlogAbout?Web 2.0
Jimmy Cheng Photography BlogJimmy Cheng is a rising wedding photographer and photojournalist in the real world OC (Orange County). He shares his pictures, thoughts, and tips in his photography blog. Find it del.ic.ious?
The Lens Resource at Beyond Photo TipsOne of the equipment related areas of photography that doesn't get as much love as it deserves is lenses. So it is nice to see this lens resource developed at Beyond Photo Tips. They break down lenses in eight different categories and discuss each one.Stumble Upon It
Photography Traffic JamAnother jam band site, this time using the BlogRush widget to build up a list of photography-related stories that are generating some buzz in the blogosphere. Regular blog readers may recall we used to have the BlogRush widget, but this blog was so crowded, we had to start removing widgets. We still have more widgets to remove, we currently have *gasp* 60+ widgets installed.Mixx It!
Alpine ExposuresYou don't have to read between the lines to figure out what this site is about! Mountains and Photography! Be sure to check their introductory but jam-packed photo tips for the mountains article.Photography Voter
Nikon BlogFan of all things Nikon? NikonBlog at Wordpress covers the major developments in the world of Nikon.Technorati Fave
17 lies and half-truths in the Camera BusinessSome are half-truths, some are one third truths, others are ...four thirds truths ;-)Do you Digg it?

We hope you enjoyed our first Web 2.0 fortified edition of "Discover". More coming up next week (or next month). If you have any websites to recommend or suggest for this feature, just let us know. They could be your blog or one of your favorites. Also please feel free to tell us what you think of this new approach! Don't be shy, we won't cry if you don't like it :) The email address is 1001noisycameras {at} gmail [dot] com

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Noisy Shopper: DSLRs at Amazon

If your credit card wants to see some action, here are some DSLRs of interest price-wise at Amazon! Let's jump into the pool table:

What?So what?
Caught between the Canon 40D and the new Digital Rebel XSi (450D) which borrows from the more expensive Canon DSLRs, the Canon 30D has price on its side. Currently at $760, the 30D is almost $400 below the new Canon 40D. But it has "only" eight megapixels; not that the difference between 8mp and 10mp is that much, unless of course you are trying to squeeze every gram of pixel-peeping resolution out of the sensor :-)
They are back! Yes, the Foveon-Sigma duet is making a comeback on the heels of the buzz generated by the Sigma DP1 mania. The Sigma founder did his part by fueling the fire by "leaking" the "news" of a new Sigma SD15 DSLR later this year, and two more fixed-lens models, the DP2 and DP3, one possibly with a zoom lens. With all that as background story, the Sigma SD14 DSLR is on sale via Cameta on Amazon for $600.

If you like to receive Noisy Shopper updates via your favorite mobile, desktop or online newsreader, be sure to subscribe to our Noisy Shopper feed. This, along with all the other posts are also included in our main blog feed. They are burnt through Feedburner and are compatible with Atom and RSS. We switched to full-text feeds two weeks ago, so now you can read this blog via your favorite readers as well.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Noisy Rewind: This week at 1001 Noisy Cameras

It is Sunday, and time to recap the week that was here at 1001 Noisy Cameras!

We created a new post to introduce 1001 Noisy Cameras features and posts to new readers. If you have any friends that might find this blog interesting, this post is a good way for them to get started!

We also created two new "digital" editions of our regular features, the Photography Soup and Inside the Imaging Insider. Both are news round-up type of posts, and this self-updating format speeds up delivery of new news to you!

New Cameras and Lenses
Panasonic showed a wireless edition of the Panasonic TZ5 in Japan. The new version is aptly named Panasonic Lumix TZ50. But don't get too excited, the initial production output is just 1,000 units per month, so it is possible that this model may be a domestic or limited-availability model. Panasonic has done this type of thing in the past as well.

A camera that was leaked last month, is now finally official. And there were a couple of nice surprises in the official release, as the camera has more "advanced" features, such as PSAM. The camera? The Panasonic Lumix FX-500.

And a camera for a totally different budget and purpose, but of interest to many because we have an open-format medium format digital camera from Mamiya and Phase One, available in both flavors, for an unspecified amount of money. If only SLR Traditionalists looked at this example and decided to be more open! But that's a story for another time.

Meanwhile, Shiguma, riding the wave of Sigma DP1 excitement, has introduced a new 50mm f1.4 full-frame DX EG HSM lens, available in all flavors, except for Four Thirds. We shed four thirds of a tear for four thirds users ;-)

And Pentax relives the classic "V the Final Battle" TV series with their new V-series of Optio cameras. The first one was in a witness protection program, but the new one, the Optio V20 hopes to do better! It is your typical P&S LiIon camera, don't let the name fool you ;-)

Fueling the rumor fires, Olympus showed an unnamed E510 successor at PIE 2008 in Japan. Just a few days ago, there was a leak of the Olympus E520 name by Oly UK. Can you put one and one together? :)

And speaking of rumors, be sure to check our on-going Photokina 2008 Rumors, speculations and assorted predictions post. It will eventually become a big messy post like the PMA 2008 rumors post.

We had a round-up of lens reviews of interest. And also a couple of notable Nikon D3 reviews, at, and a podcast review by TWIP featuring Ryan Brenizer (no, it's not a Top 40 song credit).

Other Posts here at 1001 Noisy Cameras
We continue to rotate the Flickr Readers picture showcase.

We also had a few more updates in the Noisy Shopper category, bring you shipping news or updates on potential camera deals as we run into them.

We also talked about the ...heroic attempt to Save Polaroid, Save the World, and the not so heroic episode of South Park featuring killer paparazzi with killer cameras and Britney.

And among the other things shown at PIE 2008 in Japan (Photo Imaging Expo trade show), it was the upcoming Sony Alpha A900 DSLR, using their new 24mp 35mm full frame CMOS sensor. More on this at Master Chong via the PDN Pulse blog.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inside the Imaging Insider (digital self-updating edition)

You have may seen our self-updating digital edition of the Photography Soup. We are now introducing the digital self-updating edition of the Imaging Insider!

This is episode #2! If you want to read the previous stories, just click on the "Read More" link at the bottom right corner of the blue box below.

PS> If you are reading this through an RSS newsreader and you are not seeing a box with stories in this post, then you may have to visit the actual post.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Casio EX-F1 Pro sample pictures at Let's Go!

One of the most anticipated, yet very quiet cameras of 2008 is the Casio EX-F1! But this is starting to change! Sample pictures from a production model have emerged from Lets' Go Digital.

The samples were taken at a press event in Amsterdaam. You can also see two Casio representatives holding the EX-F1 in the Let's Go page mentioned above. As always, we won't be commenting on the images, so as not to introduce bias to the discussion.

On a totally unrelated note, we are throwing a red carpet party for the EX F1 ;-)

The EX-F1 is too much of unknown yet to warrant a "mania tag", but it's on the watch list. For now, be sure to check our previous post covering the Casio EX F1 announcement, and the notice of its March 28 availability in Japan.

As far as the USA market, we have yet to see it listed for pre-ordering at any of the reputable online retailers.

For discussions on the EX-F1, be sure to check the dpreview Casio talk radio forum :)

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Impact Podcast Review: Nikon D3 at TWIP and Ryan Brenizer

Ryan Brenizer, the official Amazon photography blogger was a guest at TWIP (This Week In Photography) for an audio (mp3 podcast) review of the Nikon D3. More on this on Ryan's blog where he also talks about his favorite photography podcasts. The detailed show notes will be posted soon at TWIP (This Week in Photography).

And speaking of Amazon and the Nikon D3, it is available in-stock from Cameta Cameras and Photoworld. Its price ranges from $5300 to $5500, which is higher than the list price of $5000 because demand exceeds supply. More on this ...yesterday.

The review has been added to the one-page information overload cluster of DSLR reviews, aka the DSLR Review Matrix. Keanu Reeves not included :)

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Digital Photography Soup (self-updating edition)

We are experimenting with a new "digital" edition of the Photography Soup. This does not mean the regular Photography Soup will disappear. This post will "resurface" when new stories are added. If you want your site or blog added to the pool used for the digital pho(tography) soup, just let me know.

This is episode #2. If you want to check the older stories, click the "Read More" link at the bottom of the right corner of the "blue box".

PS> If you are reading this with an RSS newsreader, and you don't see a box with stories right above, be sure to visit the actual post.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Noisy Shopper: An ...inspiring companion on the road?

We have a very short installment of the Noisy Shopper today. If you are not interested in the Noisy Shopper feature be sure to check our new Discover 1001 Noisy post, and also our comment on last night's South Park Paparazzi episode.

What?Where?So what?
Dell Inspiron 1525Dell.comOne Day Sale! The Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop is $700 (before tax, fees, shipping & handling) after $395 instant savings. This is a nice do-it-all companion while on the road, on assignment or sipping semi-wet foam-free grande imitalian soy lattes. It has a Core 2 T5450 processor, 15.4" widescreen, 3gb RAM, dvd burner, and 160gb hdd. This special ends at 5am Eastern time on Friday
Nikon Camera Control Pro 2AmazonAre you or the camera in control? The Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Software Full Version for Nikon DSLR Cameras establishes who is in control for $180 ;-)
Samsung S630Ritz on AmazonThe black version of the entry-level P&S is offered for just $69 by Ritz Cameras on Amazon.

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Killer cameras, paparazzi, South Park and Britney

Last night's South Park episode (episode #2 of Season #12) had probably the first instance where hundreds of camera flashes were used to *gasp* kill someone! The episode was a brutal satire (not for the faint of heart) of the whole Britney situation, and had plenty of paparazzi shown. Not exactly portrayed in a positive light. Not sure if there is a way to portray paparazzi in a positive light?

And on the equipment side, some of the cameras shown looked like the old Sony Cybershot P-series, some looked like they could have been Pentax DSLRs, some had huge lenses, etc, etc. We did not intentionally analyze each camera shown, so don't feel left out if your favorite brand was not spotted by us.

Regular South Park viewers already know that one of the animated characters, the obnoxious Eric Cartman is an amateur photographer. It is not certain whether he participates in dpreview forum discussions or which brand he is using ;-)

The episode repeats multiple times during the week on Comedy Central, so be sure to check your local listings. But beware, it is South Park! And in a couple of days it will become available as a $2 Unbox download at Amazon.

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Discover the 1001 Noisy Cameras blog

This post is for new readers of the blog who may not be familiar with all the posts and features we have. If you have any friends that might be interested in this blog, be sure to show them this post! (permalink).

It's no secret that we are rumor-mongering. We've already started up on Photokina 2008 rumors. And if you want to do a recount, be sure to check our PMA 2008 rumors, speculations and such.

We are also keeping a running tally of all the new digital cameras announced in 2008. Currently over 100 models from the major manufacturers, and the number will undoubtedly grow. Anyone dare to guess how many we will have by December 31st? Keep in mind this is a Photokina year!

For fans of camera reviews, we have created big clusters of reviews, grouped by camera category. First up, we have the DSLR Review Matrix, including most of the recent DSLRs. Time permitting we will go back in time and add older models. Then we created the Power Compacts Review Matrix, which includes non-dSLR fixed-lens cameras that have advanced photographic features or unique characteristics. Examples of cameras of this type are the Canon G9, Ricoh GX100, Fuji F31fd, Sigma DP1, Panasonic LX2. And last, but not least, in the early stages of development, is the Super Zoom Review Matrix.

But this is just the tip of the ice-berg. You can access the majority of our content using the pull-down menus at the top of the blog (right under the "1001 Noisy Cameras" title). You can also access content by topic, look for the long list of Labels (aka keywords or tags) at the bottom left corner of this noisy blog.

We also try to create unique and off-beat features, for example, take a look at the DSLR Stock Exchange, and the Colbert-homage camera manufacturer On-Notice Board.

We also have content of practical value (*gasp*), such as the eBay Prosumer Finder. This includes pre-filled eBay search queries for most of the prosumer models of the last few years that are no longer available as brand new. This includes cameras such as the Canon G5, Sony R1, Olympus C8080, Nikon 8400, Minolta A2, Kodak P880, Fuji S602, Olympus C2100uz (aka UZi), Sony F727, and lots more.

You can also follow popular cameras with the "mania" tags, such as the Nikon D3/D300 mania, and the Sigma DP1 mania.

And that's just a few of the 900+ posts available here at 1001 Noisy Cameras! As always, if you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, just let us know via a comment or an email.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New wireless Panasonic TZ50 shown at PIE 2008 in Japan

Oops, we forgot about this one! Lost in the shuffle of the other announcements at PIE 2008 was the Panasonic TZ50. That's right, that's not a typo in the model name, it's a new camera model, the DMC-TZ50. It is a wireless version of the Panasonic TZ5. As you may recall Panasonic showed an wireless work in progress teaser at CES 2008. Now the teaser becomes more concrete, namely the TZ50.

More computer-translated details at Panasonic Japan. But before you bang on the drums of this model taking over the world, be sure to check the initial monthly product output, it is only one thousand units per month, and only available in silver. It puts the "E" in experimental :)

More on the PIE 2008 trade show at our favorite Japanaese site

Panasonic TZ50 discussions on the web
Engadget picks up the story from Impress. Also posted at

And for those who like to read specs, Camera Town has assembled the basic specs of the Tz50.

For more on the Panasonic cameras including the new FX500, be sure to check what the Lumixians are discussing this in the dpreview Panasonic forum.

Pre-ordering the Panasonic TZ50
The TZ50 is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for the starting price of $450. Amazon has an initial release date estimate of June 20, 2008. Currently only available in silver!

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Noisy Shopper: Fuji S100fd shipping, Calumet $15 off, and other stories

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Shopper. In today's installment we have shipping news, among other things.

What?Where?So what?
Dell Inspiron 530 desktopDellOne day special for this affordable workhorse desktop. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, 3gb memory, and 500 GB disk. Price: $500 (expires late night Thursday), available with Windows XP or Windows Vista
$15 off $100+ purchaseCalumet PhotoIf you shop through the special affiliate link in this post, you will receive $15 off a purchase over $100, along with free shipping for orders over $75. Whether you are planning to get a new DSLR or lens, or if you are a fatwallet-type thrifty shopper who likes to buy the minimum amount to get the special offer, as long as it's $100+, you get $15 off. Calumet Photo clarifies that the discount will not show in the shopping cart, but in the confirmation email with the order details. You have until the end of the month to take advantage of this Calumet offer.
Fuji S100fsB&H PhotoThe highly anticipated Fuji S100fs is finally shipping in the USA! More details in yesterday's post.
Case Logic SLRC-1 holster caseAmazon$19 is all you pay for this black/grey camera holster case at Amazon. Free shipping if the total order tips over $25.
Sigma SD14 body onlyAmazonThe Foveon Strikes Back? Following the Sigma DP1 mania there has been some resurgence of the Foveon! Fear the Foveon! The SD14, which will be replaced by the SD15 later this year (according to the Sigma founder (via AP UK)) is offered by Cameta Cameras on Amazon for $600.

Noisy Shopper and RSS feeds
IF you wish to receive all the "Noisy Shopper" posts via RSS feed, you can subscribe to our special Noisy Shopper full-text RSS feed. This includes all the posts that have the "noisy shopper" tag.

IF you are subscribed to our main full-text RSS feed you are already receiving them, along with all the other Noisy posts.

An ideal use for the Noisy Shopper feed is to add it to your fastest newsreader, since some of the specials posted may be of the short-term or clearance variety, so the earlier you know, the more options you have. Usually desktop readers are considered to be faster than the online ones. So for example, you could subscribe to our full-text feed using Google Reader or Bloglines, and use a desktop reader (eg the free ones from NewsGator) for the Noisy Shopper feed.

If you are not familiar with RSS feeds, this post by Pro Blogger is a good starting point.

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Sony shows 24mp Exmor DSLR teaser at PIE 2008 in Japan

Sony is showing off their upcoming 24mp Exmor CMOS 35mm full frame DSLR flagship at the PEI 2008 trade show in Japan. There is a computer-translated press release from Sony Japan but it doesn't really have any new or further details. But in any case, here it is.

For what had previously been announced, you can check our earlier post on the 25mp Exmor full frame sensor, and coverage of the Alpha A900 development announcement at PMA 2008, covered by dpreview and friends.

For more coverage of the PIE 2008 show, be sure to check the computer-translated This includes coverage of the Casio EX-F1, unnamed Olympus E510 replacement, Panasonic TZ50 and FX500 coverage (apparently they were the most popular models if they got all the webpage space at dcjp).

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Open Medium Format platform by Mamiya and Phase One makes waves in the blogosphere

We mentioned this in garbled computer-translated J2E text last week. Now the news is available in understandable english, as Phase One and Mamiya post official press releases in english. What are the news you ask?

Those two companies combine to offer an open medium format digital camera platform. Open you ask? What, have they been sniffing Linux leaves? This will surely draw the (f)ire of the SLR Traditionalist Manufacturers because it threatens the status quo and their entrenchment in the past. Folks, wake up, the SLR Wars were so 80s, now it's all about open systems :)

The USA press release can be found at the Imaging Insider. The model names, for the clones are Phase One 645 Camera or the Mamiya 645AFDIII.

We could be misreading the press release but apparently it says that they will be sold exclusively by those two manufacturers. I'm sure B&H Photo, Calumet, Adorama, and friends will be "thrilled" by the news, if that is indeed the case. Or it could be a poorly written press release?

The story, probably partially because of the magic keyword "OPEN", has generated a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. Not just the places who traditionally cover medium format photography, but also the digital camera review sites as well.

Let's see some of those stories. First up, Dan Havlik of PDN Pulse has a brief comment on the announcement. Brief because very little is actually known about the new camera.

Also picked up by the Adorama News Desk, and Imaging Resource has a giant picture of the camera. Pricing is not available. Expect to give up at least a fully loaded mid-size car with customizations ;-)

And directly from the horse's mouth (this line works better with Horseman products), details at

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Olympus shows unnamed successor to the E510 at PIE 2008 in Japan is reporting from the PIE 2008 trade show in Japan (computer-translated) that Olympus has shown an unspecified and unnamed replacement of the Olympus E510 ("successor aircraft"). The only thing mentioned is 10 megapixels and sensor-shift stabilization.

As you may recall, the model name E520 was leaked on the Olympus UK site a few days ago.

More discussions and further rumors in the dpreview Olympus SLR Talk forum.

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In-stock alert: Fuji S100fs shipping from B&H Photo

We have an in-stock alert for you for one of the most highly anticipated cameras of 2008! The Fuji S100fs is shipping from B&H Photo for the list price of $800.

If you are not familiar with the Fuji S100fs, be sure to check our coverage of its announcement in January 2008.

As a quick refresher, the Finepix S100fs is using an 11mp 2/3" SuperCCD sensor, with a giant 28-400mm (35mm equivalent) lens, with optical image stabilization, a tiltable display, TTL Hot Shoe, and claims of improved dynamic range which are not directly related to the SR-ness of the larger APS-C SuperCCD sensors. Or something like that :)

If you see the camera mentioned as Fuji S100fd instead of S100fs, please forgive us. Every other time we type that name we type "fd" instead of "fs". That's because a lot of the other Fuji models end with "fd". So we fall into the trap, and we may not always notice it.

Read the rest of "In-stock alert: Fuji S100fs shipping from B&H Photo"...

The Panasonic FX500 is officially a new Lumix digital camera!

Regular readers of this blog (or the dpreview Panasonic Talk forum) knew about a month ago about the Panasonic FX500. Now the FX500 becomes an official product as it is formally announced by Panasonic.

Meet the Panasonic FX500 (again)
It has a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, along with a 5x optical zoom lens (25mm to 125mm equivalent focal range), making it an interesting alternative to the more pedestrian cameras of that segment starting at 36mm or so. Greasy fingers will adore the 3" touch-screen, but fans of touch-screens don't get many TS cameras, so they will be thrilled too.

This may remind some of the Panasonic FX35, also a 2008 model. It may also remind some of the Panasonic FX100. Just like all the aforementioned cameras, don't expect RAW, but good news: it does have manual exposure, along with Tv and Av.

Both the dpreview and Imaging Resource specifications (see list at the bottom of the post for the links) list manual exposure, aperture priority and shutter priority, in addition to the usual Scenes, and the auto modes.

It also seems to have other welcome features such as the metering trio (spot, center-weight, magic). "Magic" is not an actual term, but since different manufacturers give it different names, we just decided to call it "Magic". It's close (in name) to Nikon's Matrix which makes it an easy mnemonic :)

Pre-order the Panasonic FX500 at Amazon
The FX500 is available for pre-order at Amazon, available in silver and in black for $400 and free shipping, along with pre-order and post-shipment low-price guarantee.

Estimated delivery is late June, but Amazon is notorious for conservative shipment dates. The Japanese estimate (see post below) is for mid-April. Japan usually (obviously) gets the new cameras first, so if I were to guess, I would probably say May, but what do I know?

Web coverage of the announcement
The Panasonic USA press release can be found at the Imaging Insider. More details at Imaging Resource, and dpreview, which include detailed specifications, which is nice. The gadget blogs are chiming in too, such as Wired's Gadget blog, and CNet's Crave.

There are already two discussions of the FX500 in the dpreview Panasonic Talk forum. The availability of PSAM (Tv, Av, manual) was certainly a welcome surprise.

Update! Serious Compacts takea a ...serious look at the new Lumix FX500. They highlight the features that make this not just another point and shoot shiny silver with a bling bling touchscreen.

News from Japan
The Japan announcement reveals that Panasonic will be producing 30,000 FX500 units per month. Japan will have two colors as well, silver and black. It goes on sale in Japan on April 12, 2008. The Japanese specs also confirm that this camera has PSAM (okay, PASM), which is great news.

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Noisy Agenda: March 2008

The "Agenda" feature is coming back, so as to give our regular readers more details on what is coming up at 1001 Noisy. But since we cover a lot of news and rumors and such that jump out of the blue, none of these plans are in concrete.

In the next few days we are planning the following:

  • Remove a lot more widgets from the blog template in order to speed up loading times. We have a hard time removing anything. Or if we remove two, we add three new ones ;-) We currently have 31 widgets in the left column of the blog. Talk about a widget-pack-rat! 31? This is insane! And what a coincidence, even though the right column is shorter than the left column, it also has 31 widgets. We are officially renaming this blog to 1001 Noisy Widgets :)
  • Add some of the recent reviews to the DSLR Review Matrix
  • Add more cameras to the Super Zoom Review Matrix. Currently only the Panasonic FZ60 FZ50 and the upcoming Casio EX-F1 and Fuji S100fs are listed. Update: The S100fs is now shipping!
  • Change the template to a fixed 1024-pixel wide. Although we'd rather not fix the template size, it makes blogging life easier
  • Run new polls to see what our readers would like to see in this blog

    Read the rest of "Noisy Agenda: March 2008"...
  • Save Polaroid, Save the World!

    We saw this story of interest to Polaroid fans at A Photo Editor. If you are a fan of (or familiar with) the TV show "Heroes" you will recognize the slogan of the new website Save Polaroid, Save the World. And if you want this story to create a splash on the net, be sure to digg it! It already has over 100 diggs, but it needs more to create a splash on Digg.

    If you are not a fan of Digg, you can also vote for the story and raise awareness at Mixx, and Stumble Upon.

    If you want to raise more awareness about the Save Polaroid campaign, be sure to follow the steps outlined on the campaign website or submit your own ideas or suggestions!

    Read the rest of "Save Polaroid, Save the World!"...

    Noisy Shopper: Because the credit card wants to be scratched

    Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Shopper! In today's episode, we have the following. If there any items you would like to see featured here, let us know. But our magic powers are limited, we cannot "create" great deals on the fly.

    What?Where?So what?
    Nikon D200 + gripCameta on AmazonThe D200 sits between the D80 and the D300 and despite its age, it offers a trade-off in terms of price and features for those who want more than the D80, but don't want to pay D300 money. The offer at $1380 includes the D200 body only, the MB-D200 battery grip, and an extra Nikon EN-EL3e battery.
    Sony A700 with 16-105 DT lensOneCall.comSony has created the alphabet soup with their DSLRs, but their more expensive model, the A700 is offered by, along with the versatile 16-105 DT lens (which was recently reviewed) for $1610 and free 3-day Fed-Ex shipping.
    Lexar 1gb CF 80x Platinum IIAdorama$18 will "refresh" your memory ;-)
    Sony H7 + bonus itemsCameta on AmazonCameta is offering the H7 along with an assortment of accessories, some borderline trinkets, for the one price of $350. The useful staff includes a 2gb Lexar Memorystick, camera case and USB MS card reader. The trinkets? Mini-tripod, storage wallet and cleaning cloth.
    Battlestar Galactica DVDsAmazonToday only (Tuesday), Amazon has a Gold Box special on the Season 2 and Season 2.5 DVD sets, for $25 per set. How is this even remotely related to photography? The show does have some nice photography in their non-CGI outdoor scenes, as it is filmed in the very photogenic British Columbia. Also of photojournalism and film interest, they present the show as if it was a live news event, with *gasp* simulated film grain (NOISE?), camera shake and jerky camera movement as part of their plan to simulate a news or documentary crew. ($25 is the magic price that gets you free shipping at Amazon).

    Read the rest of "Noisy Shopper: Because the credit card wants to be scratched"...

    New Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM 35mm full-frame lens!

    Sigma decided to give everyone a Saint Patrick's day present yesterday, by announcing a new 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM lens. No, the lens will not be available in green, but if you would like a giant green lens, be prepared to dig(g) deep into your pocket!

    The news was first picked up by dpreview. The new lens will be available in all flavors except Olympus. So fans of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Shiguma can rejoice! Commentary on the new lens by Ryan Brenizer at Amazon Current.

    More on this lens at AP UK (Amateur Photographer UK), Photography Blog, and DSLR Dad. DSLR Mom has not yet posted an update :)

    And this is what the computer-translated Sigma Japan press summary says. There we find that this lens has nine feathers, and it will be shown at the PIE 2008 in Tokyo :) PIE is the Photo Imaging Expo.

    We have not seen any price references, which is not uncommon with the way Sigma announces new products.

    And this brings us to the following tutorial for Marketing people:

    How to write a product announcement
    A product announcement should have three basic things:
    1) What is the product?
    2) When will it be available?
    3) How much will it cost?

    Everything else should be optional. Sure, giant pictures are nice, sure long paragraphs of text no one reads are nice, but if you fail to include the three items mentioned above, your new product announcement has failed its purpose.

    Read the rest of "New Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM 35mm full-frame lens!"...