Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After two weeks, the Amazon Charts are buzzing with movement!

We gave the "Amazon Camera Charts" two weeks of breathing room to see if it would generate some movement and excitement. And boy it has! We have lots of jumps, we have a couple of crashes, and some nice price drops! Oh my!!! Okay, we are over-dramatizing a bit, but there was plenty of movement. Here is the latest edition.

And this was a great indicator of how sensitive to price changes digital cameras are: The Panasonic FZ18 was at #8 when it was selling for $300. It has since jumped to $350 and it is now outside the top 25! It's all about price?

Also in play in the superzoom segment, the Sony H3 has dropped in price and entered the top 25, while the Canon SX100 IS had a 10 spot drop (ouch!), and the Panasonic TZ3 trio continues to do well by committee (silver, black, and blue).

Following is a screenshot teaser of the Top 25, click on the picture to see the whole Top 25, along with the ones right outside the top 25.

Other dramatic developments include the jump of the brand new Canon A590 IS into the Top 15, at the very tempting price of $160, just $25 more than the previous model, the A570-IS.

Camera Chart Profile: Casio EX-Z75
Intro: In this new segment, we will be having a mini-profile of one of the cameras listed in the latest Top 25. If this feature proves popular, we will expand it. So here we go:

Another hot moving camera, (and a tempting bargain for some) is the Casio EX-Z75, an older 3x optical zoom model, offered for just $120 via J&R World. People who love the Casio Exilim styling of compacts will consider it a great deal for $120. But not everyone is drinking the Exilim flavored Kool Aid, and just like all cameras it has its list of pros and cons.

So who is the EX-Z75? A good way to "meet" the Z75 is to take a look at some of its reviews. It did not get reviewed by dpreview, but there are other review sites that have reviewed the Z75, such as Digital Camera Review. It also got an express review by Imaging Resource, while Pop Photo had an impromptu shootout between it and the Pentax M30.

The gadget blogs joined in the Z75 fun, as Crunch Gear has posted a quick review, which generated 16+ comments.

We are not sure if the reviewer was Jack Cafferty, but CNN has posted their own short review of the Z75. Okay, the review is a syndicated CNet review by CNet writer Phil Ryan.

It must be the name?
Which raises an interesting question. What is the relation between the name "Philip" and camera reviewers? We have Phil Askey of dpreview, Philip Greenspun of Photo.net, Phil Ryan of CNet. Anyone else? :)

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