Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Amazon Charts: We have a new #1!

We just posted a brand new edition of the snapshot-to-snapshot Amazon best selling digital camera charts. And we have a brand new #1 there! We also have a lot of excitement at the bottom of the top 25. Here is a sneak peek screenshot:

To see the whole top 25, who dropped out, and who is just outside the top 25, check the Wednesday edition of the Charts. For more details, check the about page.

As you can see this was a good last couple of days for DSLRs, as two more entered the top 25, while the Olympus E510 two-lens kit managed to hang on to the top 25. Will the announcement of the new Olympus E420 affect sales?

Another thing to note is the jump in price of the Canon G9 by $25 at a 3rd party, while Amazon lists it with a "1 to 2 month" wait. Is something going on here, or just cycles of supply and demand? We blog, you speculate!

The Camera Charts are avalable as a full-text RSS feed as well, so you can receive the latest updates in your favorite desktop, online or mobile news reader.

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