Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Audacity of (Foveon) Hope

It's been a few days of new pictures and hands-on user reviews of the Sigma DP1, so let's see what the blogo-photo-sphere and the forum-sphere think about it!

Some users in the Sigma forum at dpreview are asking: Is the DP1 revolutionary? Is this irrational exuberance or are we witnessing the start of the renaissance of advanced non-dSLRs?

Ryttertalk's on-going first impressions review has generated a lot of forum buzz! Here are discussions of day one, and day two.

And is the DP1 just the vanguard of an army of Sigma DP models? The Sigma founder told Amateur Photographer UK Informer that a DP2 and DP3 are coming later on, one possibly with a zoom lens.

More reactions
This dpreview forum discussion discusses Foveon sensors and low light.

The Sigma DP1 sample pictures are vigorously discussed in the non-denominational dpreview News forum. Seventy-seven replies later, what do you think?

And what do the forum users at DSL reports think?

And what do non-Sigma owners think of the DP1?

More on the Sigma DP1
More on the DP1 at Amin Foto, and the My DP1 blog.

For a list of current reviews and previews and sample images from the Sigma DP1, be sure to check our Power Compacts Review Matrix.

A detailed list of about half a dozen Sigma DP1 accessories available for pre-order at Amazon can be found in an earlier post. And here are all the posts of this blog covering the "Sigma DP1 mania" tag.

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