Sunday, March 9, 2008

Best selling cameras at Map Cameras in Japan

We have a new edition of The Charts, this time, the best sellers for February 2008, at Map Camera in Japan. Details at, and Map Camera.

Please keep in mind Map Camera is not representative of the overall market, think of it as a camera store for dpreview forum users, than for the average consumer :)

And with that in mind, we find the lovely Ricoh GRD II remaining at the #1 spot. Ricoh fans, rejoice! The powerful Nikon D3 jumps into the top ten at #6, which means that they do have them in-stock in Japan, unlike the US! Also entering the top ten is the Sony A200. Meanwhile the Panasonic LX2 grabs the #2 spot, while the Pentax K10D jumps five spots, despite the announcement of the K20D and K200D.

For the whole top ten and the top twenty used cameras, be sure to check the MapCamera page.

And speaking of The Used (music reference?), we have the who's who of used Nikon and Canon DSLRs in the top 20. A couple of top 20 surprises perhaps are the Epson R-D1 and the bijou Rolleiflex mini-digi.

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