Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Canon 1Ds Mark III: In-stock and revised review!

We have a double-alert for Big Daddy DSLR! The Canon 1Ds Mark III DSLR just got its review revised at Photo.net by the Phil Askey of Photo.net: Phil Greenspun :) As always, we won't be revealing the outcome of the review! The review includes brief comparisons with other Canon and Nikon DSLRs, which is of value to those contemplating which camera(s) are best fits (trade-offs) for their budgets and their needs and their wants.

For more reviews and previews of the 1Ds Mark III, along with many other recent DSLRs, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix. If you haven't visited that before, it is a giant cluster of DSLR reviews, all compressed together in a giant blog page :)

And at the same time, the Canon 1Ds Mark III is available in-stock at the Amazon marketplace, offered at $8000 by Amazon itself (one left in-stock), along with J&R World and Adorama.

Of course this may also lead to never-ending socio-political debates, will the rumored Nikon D3X beat the 1Ds Mark III, just like the Nikon D3 has out-buzzed the competition? Will the upcoming Sony Alpha A900 using new sensor technology unseat the 1Ds Mark III as the megapixel regent to the pixel-peeping throne?

And let's not forget medium format, although obviously the prices are higher on the digital medium format end. You may recall the recent combined announcement of the new open Mamiya/Phase One clones. It's good to have choices, although none of the above cameras are perfect, so if you are a half-empty type of person, you can find plenty of faults with each and everyone of the current (and future, and past) cameras :)

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