Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II rumors: The day after the new rumor

It's been twenty-four hours since the dpreview forums went ablaze with this post discussing the potential 5D Mark II spec sheet. Check it out for yourselves! The forum poster says that this won't be announced at Photokina 2008, but rather in late April 2008!

Again, please keep in mind this is posted by a forum user, and it is not by any means an official Canon announcement. That of course doesn't necessarily mean it's right or wrong. We have no way of knowing either way. We blog, you decide!

Some other key features mentioned in that thread include a 15mp CMOS 35mm full frame sensor, dual core DIGIC III chipset, weather sealing, ISO to the moon, new AF sensor, microlens fine-adjustments, $3500 list price, and early June availability. There are about 30 posts in the second thread in the series as of right now. Needless to say the first one has filled up (151 posts).

And what do the Nikon DSLR users think? And how would this 5D Mk 2 affect the D300? Well, for one thing, the 5D Mk 2 is supposed to cost twice as much as the D300. In-fact it would be wedged price-wise between the Nikon D3 and D300! Interesting, eh?

Some other 5D Mk II related disussions: The Mark I is three years old!.

And why is the 5D Mark I price going up? We did a quick check and noted the price is indeed at $2200 at B&H Photo, Amazon, and Adorama. Coincidence? :)

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