Monday, March 10, 2008

The Charts: Top sellers at Amazon (new episode)

We have a new episode of the Charts, our on-going snapshot-to-snapshot soap opera of the best selling digital cameras at Amazon. In today's episode we have the attack of the Elves, but no, we are not talking about Lord of the Rings.

But the biggest noise (pun intended?) was made by the Panasonic FZ18, dropping in price to the psychological barrier of $300, and jumping into the top ten. Here is a screenshot teaser of the top 25.

For the whole top 25, be sure to visit the Camera Charts blog.

The attack of the Elves in the intro is referring to the release of the Canon SD1100 IS. Even though it is available in multiple deliciously fashionable colors, the various colors are moving on up. One of them has jumped into the top 25 already, and another one is knocking on the door. As if there weren't enough Canon cameras in the top 25 :-)

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