Thursday, March 20, 2008

Discover the 1001 Noisy Cameras blog

This post is for new readers of the blog who may not be familiar with all the posts and features we have. If you have any friends that might be interested in this blog, be sure to show them this post! (permalink).

It's no secret that we are rumor-mongering. We've already started up on Photokina 2008 rumors. And if you want to do a recount, be sure to check our PMA 2008 rumors, speculations and such.

We are also keeping a running tally of all the new digital cameras announced in 2008. Currently over 100 models from the major manufacturers, and the number will undoubtedly grow. Anyone dare to guess how many we will have by December 31st? Keep in mind this is a Photokina year!

For fans of camera reviews, we have created big clusters of reviews, grouped by camera category. First up, we have the DSLR Review Matrix, including most of the recent DSLRs. Time permitting we will go back in time and add older models. Then we created the Power Compacts Review Matrix, which includes non-dSLR fixed-lens cameras that have advanced photographic features or unique characteristics. Examples of cameras of this type are the Canon G9, Ricoh GX100, Fuji F31fd, Sigma DP1, Panasonic LX2. And last, but not least, in the early stages of development, is the Super Zoom Review Matrix.

But this is just the tip of the ice-berg. You can access the majority of our content using the pull-down menus at the top of the blog (right under the "1001 Noisy Cameras" title). You can also access content by topic, look for the long list of Labels (aka keywords or tags) at the bottom left corner of this noisy blog.

We also try to create unique and off-beat features, for example, take a look at the DSLR Stock Exchange, and the Colbert-homage camera manufacturer On-Notice Board.

We also have content of practical value (*gasp*), such as the eBay Prosumer Finder. This includes pre-filled eBay search queries for most of the prosumer models of the last few years that are no longer available as brand new. This includes cameras such as the Canon G5, Sony R1, Olympus C8080, Nikon 8400, Minolta A2, Kodak P880, Fuji S602, Olympus C2100uz (aka UZi), Sony F727, and lots more.

You can also follow popular cameras with the "mania" tags, such as the Nikon D3/D300 mania, and the Sigma DP1 mania.

And that's just a few of the 900+ posts available here at 1001 Noisy Cameras! As always, if you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, just let us know via a comment or an email.

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