Saturday, March 15, 2008

Does the camera matter? Is it the equipment or the photographer?

The battle of the articles! Ken Rockwell vs Michael Reichmann! And the discussion that follows. Ken Rockwell, who gets all his stuff from Adorama, Amazon and Ritz, claims that the camera doesn't matter. But Luminous Landscaper Michael Reichmann dares to disagree.

Where do you stand??? The dpreview forum users are chiming in in this 70+ post discussion.

Which is why I would rather have a Hello Kitty VX-2500i QVGA Plus, instead of a Nikon D3! Because it's all about the photographer! And with my mad skillz, I can make a giant three-story high, ISO 32000 poster from my Hello Kitty :)

What does Ken Rockwell think about his haterz?
Ken Rockwell has a message for those in internet forums who call him an idiot. Check the bottom of this post, where he quotes Michaelangelo, Steve Jobs and Ben Franklin, and makes sanity comparisons to DaVinci, Galileo, and a few other notables.


Anonymous said...

Having read Rockwell's stuff from time to time, I think he tends to "over-make a point". What he is saying is the that Gear-heads are annoying, and that they should focus more on non-gear topics like composition and light-play to make great pix. If he didn't think cameras made a diff, he wouldn't have a D3. Kind of like in the sporting world where chemistry is more important than stats but... we Americans want to label and quantify everything. If you can't easily quantify it, it can't be important...

1001 noisy cameras said...

I think it's the "over-make a point" style that generates all the heated Rockwell debates and the "fan club".

Of course it's a combination of both, where the line is drawn depends on various factors, both photographer, subject, situation, equipment and such.