Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DSLRs one out of ten cameras shipped in January 2008!

DigitalCamera.jp has posted the latest CIPA shipment numbers for January 2008. There we learn that there is a healthy increase from January 2007 which is a good thing, both in production output and also in shipments.

Out of the roughly 5.88 million cameras shipped in January 2008 according to CIPA, about 570,000 were DSLRs, and 5.31 million were non-DSLRs, giving the DSLRs a ratio better than one to ten when compared with the non-DSLRs.

So much for the naysayers and the worries that camera-phones would gut the bottom of the digital camera market. In fact there are so many more cameras now at the under $200 and under $150 segments. And it's not just "the other brands". It's where Canon and Sony grab a chunk of their market share. In fact you can evne get a Sony Cybershot digital camera for $100 (eg the Sony S700).

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