Friday, March 7, 2008

Forum Digest: New Digital Cameras priority

We now have a special edition of the dpreview forum digest, where we look at discussions of new digital cameras only!

And we start with an intersectional discussion, Panasonic users are discussing Fuji F100fd sample pictures, published by Fuji itself.

Staying with Panasonic, a forum user shares his first impressions on the new Panasonic FX35. But he's not the only one, another forum user just received his FX35 and shared some pictures. The FX35 is a 2008 model, uses the new Venus engine, and has a lens that starts at 25mm wide. More on the FX35 in our announcement coverage.

Would you get the Panasonic FZ8K at $230 considering the new TZ5, and the FZ18? That price at B&H Photo.

And what do people think of Pop Photo's hands-on with the TZ5? Wow, so much Panasonic talk, did they plan on getting all their cameras out at the same time so they can generate a collective buzz?

Okay, enough Panasonic talk, let's hop on to Fuji where Fuji users are discussing Fuji F100fd pictures. As we mentioned during the announcement, the F100fd was one of those cameras that could have been a lot more, but it's still not bad as it is. It reminds us to a certain extend the "GINO" debates of the Canon G7 when it was originally announced.

A blend of topics in these two threads discussing the new Fuji S100fs. The S100fs is the giant-sumer with the 11mp 2/3" SuperCCD, and 28-400mm lens.

Meanwhile, behind the copy machine, Ricoh users are discussing the first Ricoh R8 review. And a forum user has picked up his R8 in Singapore. Check for a sample picture gallery there.

Despite all the hot-selling shiny silvers, the most discussed camera in the Sony forum continues to be the legendary R1, another giantsumer. The latest discussion, sunset pictures.

In the Casio world, this discussion of high speed EX-F1 samples is hot. Hot in a good way that is! You can check them out directly at, a Norwegian site. Note that the site uses Flash for just about everything. If you are frustrated with Flash sites, be sure to check our Flash Rant and Removal post.

And some confessions in the Leica forum. You ordered what???

Meanwhile Canon users are discussing Sanyo Eneloop batteries. The power that preserves! For more see our 2007 post on these type of batteries.

Emboldened by the DP1 performance so far, Shiguma users are asking, when are the other makers going to make a DSLR-like non-DSLR?

More on the DP1, an FAQ thread, and an epic face off, we know you love those, Sigma DP1 vs Olympus E420 + pancake with 25mm f2.8 syrup.

And another face-off, DP1 vs Canon G9 vs the world. Oh it's good to have choices!

Well, there's so much more, but we have to stop at some point. If you want more, be sure to check the dpreview forums.

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