Friday, March 21, 2008

Impact Podcast Review: Nikon D3 at TWIP and Ryan Brenizer

Ryan Brenizer, the official Amazon photography blogger was a guest at TWIP (This Week In Photography) for an audio (mp3 podcast) review of the Nikon D3. More on this on Ryan's blog where he also talks about his favorite photography podcasts. The detailed show notes will be posted soon at TWIP (This Week in Photography).

And speaking of Amazon and the Nikon D3, it is available in-stock from Cameta Cameras and Photoworld. Its price ranges from $5300 to $5500, which is higher than the list price of $5000 because demand exceeds supply. More on this ...yesterday.

The review has been added to the one-page information overload cluster of DSLR reviews, aka the DSLR Review Matrix. Keanu Reeves not included :)

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