Monday, March 10, 2008

Impact Review: Leica 14-50 f3.8-5.6 by Photozone

We have an impact review for you! Photozone has just posted their review of the Leica 14-50 f3.8-5.6 MegaOIS lens, a Leica-sonic lens for Four Thirds that is bundled with the Panasonic L10 DSLR. This lens not to be confused with the more expensive lens included with the L1, that's a different lens (f2.8-3.5) but also 14-50mm.

As you may recall, Olympus has chosen the sensor-shift stabilization route, while Panasonic, which offers optical image stabilization on every non-DSLR digital camera in their line-up, even their $100 LS-series, ironically does not offer sensor-shift stabilization, but instead offers optically stabilized Leica-sonic lenses.

So what did PhotoZone discover in their three page report? Be sure to check their conclusions (Verdict on page 3) where the reviewers express their opinion on how this lens compares to the Sony 16-105 DT and the Canon 17-85 EF-S USM IS. As always, we do not want to spoil the findings, you have to find out for yourselves :)

And a hat-tip to Photozone for going with a camera with a weaker AA filter, so they can get a better read on the lens!

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