Sunday, March 2, 2008

Impact Reviews: Sigma DP1 and Ricoh GRD II just published!

We have two impact reviews to showcase, featuring the much anticipated Sigma DP1, and its fixed-lens competitor of sorts, the Ricoh GRD II.

The Ricoh GRD II gets reviewed by Think Camera, while the Sigma DP1 gets a first look review at Pop Photo. As always, we won't be spoiling the review findings. We do not want to introduce our bias in the first reading of the reviews of these exciting, amazing, miracles of engineering, works of wonder, walk on water digital cameras. We just don't want to introduce bias :)

Both reviews have been added to the Power Compacts Review Matrix.

For more coverage on the Sigma DP1, be sure to check Amin Photo, and My DP1. Both reviews were also featured on the RAWsumer blog.

You can purchse the GRD II at Adorama for $700 and you can pre-order the Sigma DP1 at Amazon for $800. And at the same time tip us for all the noisy content we provide free of charge :)

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