Monday, March 3, 2008

Interview with Panasonic (Let's Go play Hardball)

No Chris Matthews, but rather Bas de Meijer of Let's Go Digital sits down with Ichiro Kitao, a product planning manager at Panasonic and asks him the hard questions none of the other "mainstream" photography websites dare to ask the photography companies in the open! Kudos to Let's Go Digital for doing the right thing! Here is the interview.

Among the topics discussed are the L1 and the L10 and their sales and kit lenses. When asked about the non-DSLR prosumer segment, the Panasonic guy said "We have a camera in the pipeline for that segment". The rep also answered questions about the megapixel madness, larger sensors and the future, wide-angle and compacts, high-speed demons, WiFi, and GPS, and more.

An interesting read, check it out! And if other camera sites are reading this, ask the manufacturers the tough questions!

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