Thursday, March 20, 2008

Killer cameras, paparazzi, South Park and Britney

Last night's South Park episode (episode #2 of Season #12) had probably the first instance where hundreds of camera flashes were used to *gasp* kill someone! The episode was a brutal satire (not for the faint of heart) of the whole Britney situation, and had plenty of paparazzi shown. Not exactly portrayed in a positive light. Not sure if there is a way to portray paparazzi in a positive light?

And on the equipment side, some of the cameras shown looked like the old Sony Cybershot P-series, some looked like they could have been Pentax DSLRs, some had huge lenses, etc, etc. We did not intentionally analyze each camera shown, so don't feel left out if your favorite brand was not spotted by us.

Regular South Park viewers already know that one of the animated characters, the obnoxious Eric Cartman is an amateur photographer. It is not certain whether he participates in dpreview forum discussions or which brand he is using ;-)

The episode repeats multiple times during the week on Comedy Central, so be sure to check your local listings. But beware, it is South Park! And in a couple of days it will become available as a $2 Unbox download at Amazon.

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