Saturday, March 29, 2008

The latest news on the Sigma DP1

We now have a round-up of the latest happenings in the world of the Sigma DP1, the camera that has made Foveon hip again :)

We start with a new mini-review at The reviewer is not bullish on the camera, and points out to five things he didn't like with the DP1. Please note however, that this is a personal mini review (see the paragraph "It's not you, it's me"), it is not meant to be a universal Phil Askey type review.

We continue with the "bears" as Amazon has had a major snafu in the ordering process, and the camera that was supposed to be shipping right about now, is now listed as "1 to 3 months" in the Amazon product page. The price is at $800, but for some strange reason they have the "Click Price" option, instead of showing the price. Strange because $800 is the list price. Discussion of the Amazon non-shipping situation in this Sigma dpreview forum thread.

And now to the bulls, a new DP1 user group at pbase has been formed!

Serious Compacts is discussing in detail a comparison between the 5D and the Sigma DP1 posted in the dpreview forums. Also noted by SC is the DC Watch review and the Photo Review Au review.

Of Apples and Foveons
Of course every time a Foveon-based camera makes the news or generates buzz, we have a new wave of Foveonesque discussions. This dpreview forum discussion tackles the topic of why Foveon is bad in low light.

The buzz on the DP1 is now threating to cause a schism in the dpreview Sigma forum. Who will be the Pope of the DP1 forum? ;-)

Sigma DP1 coverage here at 1001 Noisy
You can revisit our re-announcement coverage, along with the giant Amazon pre-ordering post. Overall, there are 16 posts here with the Sigma DP1 mania tag.

PS> Rejected title for this post: "As the Sigma DP1 world turns" ;-)


Fazal Majid said...

Well, I got my DP1 from Amazon yesterday. I can corroborate the sluggish AF and photo taking time, reminiscent of 2000-vintage compacts. This is no "decisive moment" camera.

The chroma noise in shadows at ISO 800 is quite visible on the preview LCD and when you open the RAW image in SPP, but after a few seconds of processing, they are removed (probably just a chroma low-pass filter). It's still powdery and not competitive with a DSLR, and I would have to test it side by side with my F31fd.

The image quality itself is excellent from the few photos I took, very sharp optics.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update! That would be an interesting comparison with the F31fd! "Magic sensor" vs Foveon!