Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lens Review round-up: Nikon, Sony and friends

Lens review site Photozone has just posted their Nikon 16-85 AF-S VR ED DX review. This is a three-page report, with the conclusions and samples on page three. As always, we won't be revealing their findings. No spoilers allowed! Our coverage of that lens here at 1001 Noisy includes the pre-order news, the leak of the lens before its official announcement. And the official announcement, which came along with the Nikon D60 DSLR are covered here.

Meanwhile dpreview, which recently launched a new lens review feature, boosted by the hiring of new reviewers has posted a duo of new lens reviews: The Sony 18-70 DT kit lens, along with the versatile all-around Sony 16-105 DT. As usual, no spoilers here, you have to read to find out. And be sure to check the Sony SLR Talk forum at dpreview to see what the Sony and Minolta users think of the new lens reviews. But wait there's more, these two dpreview reviews have a bonus for Sony Alpha fans: Sample pictures from the new Sony Alpha A350 DSLR. Yet another benefit of doing lens reviews, you can kill two birds reviews with one stone. We didn't want to offend PETA, so we replaced "birds" with "reviews" :)

And now for something totally different, Ken Rockwell reviews the Rodenstock 45mm f/4.5 APO-Grandagon. What is that you ask? Good question. It's a lens for the Horseman SW612. Horseman not to be confused with Hello Kitty, both are animal cameras, but as the animals suggest, the Horse is much bigger than the Kitty :)

For all our lens-centric posts, be sure to check the lenses tag at this noisy blog.

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