Monday, March 31, 2008

New Amazon Top Sellers Charts posted!

We gave it a week to generate some excitement, and one week was more than good enough for it! We have four new entries in the Top 25, and a couple more knocking on the door. But that's not all, an expensive Nikon DSLR jumps into the Top 25 and replaces the Canon 40D as the most expensive camera in the Top 25! Oh my! Here it the latest Top 25!

Here is a screenshot teaser with the most exciting part of the Top 25, the new entries! This screenshot teaser reveals the Nikon DSLR that took over the most expensive DSLR spot from the Canon 40D.

Also of note is the change of guard among the Panasonic super-zooms. The FZ18 is now holding steady at $350, and that is causing it to crash in the Charts, currently at #35. Also affected are the TZ3 models, as the new trio of TZ5 models are going on sale and getting discounted, ranging between $320 to $330, depending on color and retailer. The blue version just entered the Top 25, while the black edition is knocking on the door at #27.

The new wave of Canon SD1100 colors is also having its impact, with the silver edition making its way to the Top 15. With more colors than its predecessors, which were only silver and black, we are expecting this to perhaps be a little diluted, so it may not have the dominance the SD1000 models have. But then again, more colors could mean more sales :)

The general trend is price drops, most of them small, but even the Canon 40D bundle with the EF 28-135 lens went down, about $30. On the other hand the D300 seems to continue to hold relatively steady, perhaps because of the buzz or perhaps because of availability.

Fans of Olympus will be thrilled as we have two Olympus cameras in the top 25, one being a new entry and one an older model as seen above.

But the overall domination of Canon in the top 25 continues, as Amazonians seems to be Canonites ;-)

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