Monday, March 10, 2008

New feature under development: Brand-specific fans clubs!

We have a new feature under development, brand-specific semi-interactive "fan club" pages. Each page will concentrate on a specific brand, and will summarize our posts here pertaining to that brand, along with other websites and forums that cover the brand, and to make it semi-interactive, we will also list websites, blogs, galleries, or web 2.0 from users and fans of that specific brand.

It's easier to explain it with an example, and Pentax has been chosen as the victim first brand to get a "noisy fan club". We usually use Pentax and Panasonic for new features because they have a more manageable product line-up, compared to Canon and Nikon. This makes it easier to adjust and adapt new features before they get rolled out for the remaining brands.

The first edition of the "Pentax Noisy Fan Club" will be posted within one hour! Update! The first edition of the Pentax fan club has been posted!


NESOHU said...

thanks a lot for feeding the full post. Have been waiting for this feat since I subscribe to Noisy's

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! I'm glad you find the full-text feed useful :)