Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Kodak KV100 35mm film SLR featuring Vivitar?

We were checking our favorite dpreview forums where we noticed this post in the News forum: Kodak is planning to market a new 35mm film SLR in association with Vivitar. The story originated from the emerging news leader in the world of photography scoop, Amateur Photographer UK. AP-UK brought us the scoop on the Leica CEO firing, and the Sigma DP2, DP3 and SD15 in 2008!

The upcoming film SLR camera has a name even, it will be named KV100, which will likely get its product name mixed up with KVM switches in search engines ;-) It will borrow from the V3000s Vivitar SLRs according to AP-UK.

(Updated:) This is not an official product announcement but it looks like it is a formal development notice. The press release is too tiny to read :) The reason we are drawing the distinction is because of the Leica CEO situation, where a product is not official just because the CEO said so.

Next Question
And the next question is: Is this the beginning of a plan by Vivitar and Kodak to enter the entry-level of the DSLR market? Or is this contained to just 35mm film SLRs with no further plans for digital?

With prices falling, and technology improving, sensors for affordable (6mp or 10mp APS-C) DSLRs may reach the Vivitar price level. We already have $400 DSLRs from Canon (the older XT (350D)), Nikon D40, Olympus E410 and E330, and Pentax K100D and K110D (if you can find them).

Does Vivitar have a current 35mm film SLR?
Yes, she does! The Vivitar V3800N is a manual SLR camera that takes K-mount lenses, and comes with a 50mm lens and a case for just $140 or so. You can also find it at Adorama. And there's a bundle with a basic 28-70 kit lens (Adorama, $160).

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