Saturday, March 1, 2008

New reviews added to the DSLR Review Matrix!

New reviews have been added to the DSLR Review Matrix! Here is a screenshot of the Review matrix:

We added more reviews for the Sony A350, Pentax K20D, Nikon D3 and Nikon D60. We also added the Sony A200 to the matrix. The A200 also received an Upgrade in the DSLR Stock Exchange, where our analysts upgraded it from an "Avoid" to a "Moderate Buy" based on how it performed so far in the Reviews. Once the A100 disappears, or the A200 creates price-separation from the A300, it will be upgraded again to a "Buy". More DSLRs will be added and reviews added later in the week.

Question: Do you prefer all the DSLR reviews in one page, or now that it has gotten so much larger, would you prefer that it gets broken down in different pages, one page per manufacturer? eg Sony DSLR Review Matrix, Canon DSLR Review Matrix, etc... I prefer to keep it as one giant post, but it's getting painful to page down. You can always search for the model name instead of paging down to find it though. We blog, you decide!

Weekend Shopper
In other news, be sure to check our Weekend Shopper edition which features among other things the first time the Canon 1D Mark III has gone under $4000, and a $15 off special for Calumet. For more details, check the Noisy Shopper posts.

Goodbye Feedjit
In blog-related news, we are sad to say goodbye to the Feedjit widget (left column), but we are trying to de-clutter and speed-up this poor blog, so it had to go :-(

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